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August 21 - August 27
August 21, 2011 Sunday

In the morning I did my math as usual. But something was unusual about our day. My family went to the Calgary Wellness Festival!

When we first got there I thought that it wasn't much but when I saw all the tents set up, I completely changed my mind. There were different tents, a lot of small ones and one long one. We walked by one of the plain looking tents but then I spotted something not so plain: On the top of one tent it said "Fossils & minerals". They had a model Velociraptor in front of the tent. I spotted a couple mistakes in the model. First of all, it only had two fingers while the real thing supposed to have three! Secondly, its head was a bit too big for the body. Finally, its tail, instead of up in the air, it was on the ground. But it was still cool.

The Velociraptor model

Then we went into a huge tent that spread very widely. My mom went to see a guy who had displays for some strange "singing bowls" for relaxation. You ran a mallet around the rim of the bowl then it began to hum some strange noise. It supposed to help people to relax.

I got to try out some big drums outside a small tent. It was actually pretty cool.

Then we explored the rest of the tents. There were so many smelly things and funny looking things that I couldn't remember them all. Then when my mom realized that we almost missed the Kung Fu for life performance. We raced over to the tent where the Ku Fung people were. We enjoyed watching them a lot. The best part of the performance was the M.C. requested for a slow motion repeat of a guy being stabbed by his own knife (butter knife??). It looked like he was being lifted up with the butter knife! Very funny!

From left to right: (1) Big drums (2) Kung Fu for Life group performance (3) Stick combat

Finally we went to the Kids zone. I made three LEGO guys. They were: Syco (Psycho), James Bond, and a policeman. They were all cool. Then we went to sit down and eat a bit of lunch. I returned to the main tent to spin a wheel where I could get to pick a prize. I picked a elastic powered glider plane and I liked it a lot. My dad and I tested it out in the park and I had to chase after it. It was fun. By 2 O'clock we were all tired so decided to go home.

My dad and I played with the elastic powered plane that I got from the spinning wheel

I got home and as soon as I finished my blog, Peter came to our door! We finally decided to go outside to play we went to Peter's house. There we went on the trampoline with a sprinkler underneath! When I got a bit bored I told Peter that I would come back in an hour. (Peter if you are reading this please don't get mad at me!) Then that's when I screwed up. I didn't watch the clock so when I was going to leave for Peter's house dinner was ready.


Then after dinner my dad and I watched Robin Hood. Before going to bed, my mom and I watched Puppy SOS. I liked it a lot.

August 22, 2011 Monday

Welcome my action packed day.

In the morning I knew what was so special about the day. My family was going to Chinatown!

So I had to hurry up doing math and my blog. As soon as we went out of the house all the actions began! When we got on the train, I saw some really weird people while my mom and dad talked about how their pets died. I was pretty sad when I got off the train.


When we got to Chinatown, my dad suggested to go to the Dragon City Mall. When we got in I remembered that place; the last time my mom and I went in for some shopping. My parents and I went into the toy shop. It had become much smaller in selections. But some of the toys were still pretty cool. I searched and searched but could find nothing that I wanted to buy. I only had five bucks in my pocket so I couldn't buy every expensive toys. When we went to the stores upstairs, I found that the model shop was open (usually closed)! I went in but there was no space to look around because there were piles and piles of stuff. Then I went to the shop next door which was the store that my mom and I had visited last time. They had other things but nothing I really wanted. In fact, I was looking for Ichigo from Bleach but I couldn't find him anywhere!


When we left Dragon City mall I was a bit depressed. Fortunately There was another mall right across from the one we were just in! We went into the next mall, and guess I found? I saw my prize... Ichigo was on display in my favorite store! I wanted to know which box Ichigo came in. But I realized that you couldn't know which Bleach Figure you would get in a certain box, until you open it. Plus it cost ten bucks (I only had $5, remember?). I walked out of the store when my dad spoke up, "I can get it for you as long as your mom's okay with it!" I was so happy that I walked straight back in the store. The store guy said he could sell us the Ichigo on display for the same price so I didn't have to guess. With my dad's offer and my mom's cash, we bought Ichigo. Before we left, the guy showed us some swords. One of them was the Ichigo's sword! The guy allowed me to hold it, Wow it was heavy!

By the time we finally got Ichigo, we had to eat dinner, or we would be late for a movie called Warrior. We ate at one Chinese restaurant (Sweet & Sour - yum!) then off we went to Eau Claire Market where the theater was. Before the movie started we had time to go to see the magnets again. My new favorite one was a guy from Halo who was in Mexican outfits, but instead of "Halo" it said "Hola"!.

Then we went to see the movie. It was really good! I don't want to spoil it for anyone so go see it on September 3rd!

Finally it was time to go home. But we were almost going to miss the train, so we didn't validate our tickets! Oops! When we were home it was 10:30 so I had to hustle to get everything done before bedtime.

That was my day. See ya!

August 23, 2011 Tuesday

In the morning I did math as usual but my blog time got dragged out. Before I could finish my blog it was time for lunch so my mom and I decided to check out plants and to eat lunch in our backyard. We sat in our backyard and talked about Harry Potter, and the differences between the books and movies. We talked for so long that I nearly found out the end of the movie Deathly Hallows part two! Then while I scanned the sky I saw a huge eagle come swooping around. It must have been looking for something. Even the mighty crows fled into the trees.
When we got in I finally got to finish my blog it was what time? 4:00pm!


As soon as I started playing Super Smash Flash 2! Peter came to visit. Oh well, I could always play again next time. We started playing LEGO and it was quite fun. Then we did some drawings. I drew something that I called "K Super Smash Flash 2!" while Peter drew his new updated robot. Then our dinner was ready. We had animal pizza. It was a bit crispy but we didn't care! Then we asked Peter's sister, Eline, to come over for more Mega Bat movie making. I am not going to spoil anything so when it comes out (I hope) you should see it.

As we were still acting, the good time turned bad. Shane, another kid from school, and his friend Ben came by to ask us to go bike riding with them. We went with them on our scooters but they ended up chasing the three of us because they wanted Peter's sparked scooter. We were fed up with them so we left them and went on the trampoline at Peter's house. When a ball accidentally hit my eyes I became a bit angry so went home. But later on I realized there was no reason for me to get mad so I went back to apologize. Peter and I arranged a time to play together again the next day.

By the time I got home it was very late. I jumped in for a quick shower then went to bed.

August 24, 2011 Wednesday

In the morning as I was starting to do math, guess who was at the door? Peter! He asked if I wanted to go outside, and of course I was more than happy to leave math behind.

We went on our scooters for a long time then decided to play around the sprinkler. Peter and Eline turned the sprinkler on then I decided to go home to put on shorts. Peter held the sprinkler down so I could jump over it to run home for my shorts. When I came back, the sprinkler was not working properly. It was spraying down to the ground, not up or moving from side to side. Annette had to come to fix it.

Meanwhile, Peter's neighbor invited us to join them in their jump house. We headed right over but it didn't turn out to be as fun as I thought. Whenever I tried to get on the slide I would say "Skrum, skrum" but I meant to say "scram" meaning "get out of my way!". But "skrum skrum" didn't work because people still tried to bump me off the slide. When I finally got on it I ended up face planting!

We came back to Peter's house for the trampoline. The game was fun until Eline accidentally bumped Peter in the face. I didn't want to be there when the two of them trying to work things out so I left. A while later, Peter came to my house and we went biking together. It was pretty fun. Peter told me that when he peddled backwards his bike would jam, he did so with a live demonstration!


After biking, Peter, Eline, & I went back to my house to play in the basement. Eline and I played boxing (we boxed each other) but we never finished our last round. So I asked Peter the judge to give us his opinion. He announced it a draw.

Peter came up with an idea of climbing a tree so we all went to Peter & Eline's favorite tree. It was my very first time climbing a tree so I felt a bit nervous. I stayed on the lower branches but it was still pretty fun.


Peter and Eline wanted to stay at the tree longer but I decided to come home for my computer games. I played Super Smash Flash 2! During a round fighting Megaman, I played as Ichigo and jumped over Megaman's head for no particular reasons, but got punched to a wall. Fortunately, the object that allowed Ichigo to use the bankai was right above my head. I hit the object twice to use the bankai, then I started slashing at Megaman. While playing I said "That serves you right for punching me." In a matter of seconds, Megaman got a KO!


After dinner, my dad and I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I, again.

August 25, 2011 Thursday

In the morning, as usual, I had to do my math and... my blog? Well,that was dragged out. I had a headache so it took a long time to do my blog, it was probably because I didn't go to bed early enough. I finally finished at 3:00pm! Wow! That's a very long time! Then before getting off my computer, I watched some videos of Ichigo turning into a Hollow. It was so cool! My favorite video was... when Ichigo got taken over by the Hollow he had to fight the Hollow, from the inside of his body, to get it back. The Hollow was using Ichigo's body to fight vizards at the same time. So this Hollow must be a really good fighter.

Then it was time to go outside. But my dad didn't go outside with me because he said he was going to make Curry chicken for dinner. I wasn't too happy about playing by myself but I was happy that dad was making something different for dinner. While I was outside my mom came out to play Knee soccer with me. Knee soccer is basically bouncing the soccer ball on your knees until you loose control of it. It was really fun. My dad came to join us until he had to go back to the kitchen for cooking.

When I got back inside it was 4:00pm! I was so excited but the Internet wasn't connected so I had to wait a long time.

When it was finally back I jumped back in to play Super Smash Flash 2! In one battle I was Ichigo and was up against Wario. He kept turning into Wario Man so I decided to jump over his attacks. I really rocked until he jumped and came down on my head, that sent me flying out of the screen! But I had one more life so I used my propeller blade attack and knocked him out!


After dinner my dad and I watched Godzilla 2000.

August 26, 2011 Friday

In the morning, I had to do my math and blog as usual. Then I went to go do NERF target practice with my dad. In one round, I fired off a shot that was really wimpy and never made it to the target, while my dad fired off a shot that blew up my homemade target! Wow! Then I took a shot, and this time it took out a whole section of targets!

After our NERF target shooting my dad and I went outside to play soccer. I make one special shot at the goal with dad lunging at me. But I dodged under and kicked the ball between his legs and scored! :-)


Then it was time to play another exciting game of all time, just behind Super Smash Flash 2... Godzilla Unleashed! Once I was Orga and I smashed into Fire Rodan at a very slow speed when he started flying away. We were both in midair, I was paralyzed while he was unconscious! Hahahaha!


Then after dinner my dad and I watched Godzilla Final Wars.

August 27, 2011 Saturday

In the morning I did my math and blog then my parents and I had a discussion about a phone call earlier in the morning. The call was for my mom but she was not home at the time.

When mom came home, she told us that Shannon from the Cochrane Humane Society had called and offered us Caden because she couldn't adopt him.

We had a very long talk and one thing my dad said enraged me. He said Caden had to be kept in one room unless someone was supervising him all the time. Cats don't just stay in one room, especially a kitten like Caden! That's cruelty! So it was settled. We weren't going to adopt the kitten. I was very sad so my mom suggested us going back to the Humane Society to say goodbye to Caden because he would be adopted by someone else by Tuesday.


We got to the Humane Society where I played with Caden also with some new Kittens. My new second favorite was Howard, a new kitten. He was very funny! Once he came charging at a stick with a toy but he completely ignored the toy. Instead, he just played with the stick! And finally my third favorite cat: Misty. She ran up the wall then did a back flip, ran up a scratching post in just seconds. I nick named her Matrix because she reminded me the movie Matrix!


When my mom and I got home It was time for my Wii games... Godzilla Unleashed! Once, Mecha-godzilla and me (as Orga) had to destroy Tokoyo,but guess what? we destroyed all of Tokoyo!


After dinner, my mom and I went to go see the movie Rio at Movie In The Park. We went with Peter and his family. But when we were there I saw some of my friends, CJ, Ben, and Ethan. I decided to join them during the movie. It was fun especially I got to stay up past 11pm!

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