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August 14 - August 20
August 14, 2011 Sunday

This is one very casual day for me. I did the normal math and blog in the morning while mom went to the grocery store. I didn't get to go and I missed my cookie!


After my morning work, my dad and I watched something on TV about the earth's core (don't remember the name of the show but it's about people tried to drill into the core of earth or something - it's fictional of course - and I didn't start watching until the middle of it so I really didn't understand much of it)


Since I didn't start my day until late, by the time I finished watching TV it was already time for my computer games. I played Myth Wars again. I managed to unlock the Lizard Man, a very bad guy, by winning a sea battle against a good army.


I was pretty excited about tomorrow because I was starting my summer camp in the Cochrance Humane Society.

Continue to read this week and you will find out more about my camp and all the animals and people that I befriended.

Ciao for now!

August 15, 2011 Monday

My first day of camp. I was so excited about everything!

In the beginning of our day we met our instructor and her assistant. Our instructor's name was Shannon. She was very nice and we liked her a lot. The assistant's name was Ingrid. She was very nice as well.

We started with a tour around the building. When we passed by the kittens I asked if we're going to see them. Shannon said we would be visiting them later on, in the day. We also saw some dogs and puppies. Many of the puppies had been adopted and only two were left: Bloomsberry and Soho were there and they were very cute.

We made yarn octopus during crafts time. My new friends, Keven (sounds just like Kevin) & Jonathan, were a bit behind schedule. I finished mine way before the two of them did.

Then we finally went to see the kittens. I got to hold my favorite one: Caden! Although I played with other kittens, Caden was the most relaxed and lovable kitten that day. I just wished I could adopt him.

For the rest of the day, we did some diagrams of animals and humans before lunch. During the lunch hour we watched Planet Earth. Then we went back the play with the adorable kittens again. This time Caden was not as patient as before. He spotted a cat toy, gave me a little tap, then sped away from me.

Then we went to see the dogs and to learn about how to take care of them. Jonathan made up a song when he realized what Bloomsberry was about to do. It went like this: Taking care of BUSINESS every day!" I learned that dogs owners had to clean up after their dogs' business.

We went back to the room and started to make egg carton caterpillars before going home. Mom and dad came to pick me up. I had a lot of fun on the first day of camp!

August 16, 2011 Tuesday

As soon as my dad signed me in I immediately went to finish my caterpillar from yesterday. Johnathan had different ideas. He made shotguns,security cameras, even a license plate for his caterpillar. Almost exactly after I finished my caterpillar Shannon said we were going to learn about some dog body language. I made some really accurate drawings of a dog that Shannon said to draw. Such as angry,scared and happy.


Then we went to see the kittens. YAY! I got to hold Caden again, and many other kittens. Once, the black-and-white Charlie (also on hold for someone) was trying to get a ball but ended up running into Caden. They had a quick fight and then went to get their toys. When we got back into the class we ate lunch outside. When lunch was over everyone played Wax museum. It was pretty fun. In one of the games, only Keven and I were left, with Johnathan being the security guard. I saw a fly on me so I started to frantically swing my hands at it. Unfortunately, Johnathan spotted my moments and I was out. When Keven won he was like Yay! Then he started to feel itches all over. Then we watched Cat in the hat (if you could call that a cat) and did a bee craft.


Then we went to visit the puppies and kittens. We played with Bloomsbury for a little then went to see the kittens. I didn't get to hold Caden this time. Instead I got to hold Charlie. But as soon as he spotted a toy he started struggling to get out of my hands so I let him go. Once Charlie was in a tent I tried to see what was going on but he quickly smashed against the side of the tent. Wow!


Then our class made a butterfly craft to finish our second day.

August 17, 2011 Wednesday

Day #3. We first drew a little while waiting for the rest of kids to arrive. When everyone was there Shannon told us to make a poster about a dog or cat. Keven, Jonathan and I made a poster about a Black Lab. I did most of the work.


Then we went to see the kittens. I was having a great time until Charlie scratched me. Then I wasn't having as much fun. We had lunch and had to watch that fake cat in the hat again. Then Keven, Johnathan, and I had to brainstorm to make a list of things that could be dangerous to animals. We came up a list of ideas such as chocolate and nuts, plus some ridiculous ideas such as Jim Carry, Mike Tyson, a billboard & TV etc.


We returned for some more crafts - a paper owl - until mom and dad came to pick me up.


Mom bought some movies about dragons so we watched one of them after dinner. It was called Merlin and the War of the Dragons. I liked to call it "Merlin and the War of Close-ups" because the camera kept zooming in on people's faces and cutting off their foreheads. The story was all right but I wished I could see more of the rest of the people.

More to come tomorrow. Stay tuned!

August 18, 2011 Thursday

My forth day in Humane Society camp. We started our day by finishing our crafts project from yesterday then we moved on to a bird craft. We used pipe cleaners to make the bird.


Then of course, we went to play with the kittens again. There was a new kitten on board; its name was Frogger, a yellowish kitten. It was sleeping when the rest of the kittens got out to play. When he woke up, he was all alone in the cage. Poor thing! He started meowing but nobody was paying attention to him, except me. I went up to him and padded him to reassure him that he would get his chance next time. I tried to teach him how to get out but he got bored and fell back asleep.


Another craft period when we started making a bird nest. We blew up some balloons, glued some strings over them. When they became dried we could pop the balloons so the strings would stay like nests. Then it was lunch time and we watched a movie about the fake cat in the Hat. A second show we watched was called "Bite Free". It was about how to avoid being bitten by a dog.


We had a choice to make dog treats but I didn't feel like getting my hands dirty so I gently declined. I watched the rest of the class making it until my parents came.


When we got home we tried to relax by watching some TV. But a freaky hailstorm started. Within five minutes, our deck was completely covered with pea-sized hail balls. I had never been outside during a hailstorm before. So I decided to go out to run around. To my surprise, it felt just like raindrops on my head. By the time I came back inside, I was soaking wet. But it was fun!

August 19, 2011 Friday

My last day of camp! I brought Yapper and my camera with me. I had told my camp instructor about Yapper and she said it would be fine. I took a short break from our class activities to make some clips of Yapper being a TV show host. Unfortunately, we had to watch the "fake cat" movie again! I didn't like it so much so I used the time to make a special toy for Caden. For some reasons, Keven was not in class today. Not sure why though.


At least we got to do crafts again after the silly show. We made a paper fish bowl with algae. My creations were a Hydra crossed with a Kraken (like a giant octopus), a shake crossed with a snake, and finally a Dilophosaurus crossed with an eel. It sounded crazy but let me assure you, they really looked cool!


After lunch, we went to see all the animals to collect information to make an adoption signs for the animal cage. After that, we went back to see the kittens. I took a nice pictures of Frogger inside a little cat tunnel. I let Caden play with the toy that I made for him.


Then we watched part II of "Bite Free" before going out to paint a dog house. I used black paint to paint one side while some other kids painted red and green on the other. Once again, keven was not there. But Jonathan was there painting black with me. My mom came to pick me up but we were not yet finished. So she helped painting a big word "PAWS" on the roof of the dog house. It was fun.


I thanked Shannon and took a picture with her before making one last trip to see the kittens and to say goodbye to them. I told Caden and Calie that I was leaving. I guess they kind of sensed that I was not going to see them in a while. They let me pat them for a little.


Camp was over but I will always remember the good time. This was a great camp because the animals were always cheerful so were the kids and instructors. Most importantly, I got to learn about animals (specially kittens) and play with them throughout the week. I enjoyed every minute there (except the crazy cat in the hat). I told my mom that I would like to go back next year for summer camp.


Bye bye Cochrane Humane Society. But I certainly will be back next year!

August 20, 2011 Saturday

Today was the uneventful day of the week. In the morning, I had to do math and blogging. I was so bored doing math that, I nearly fell asleep.

When the math was FINALLY over I moved onto my blogging. It took a long time but I had fun writing about my week at the Humane Society.

When my jobs were done my dad and I did some NERF gun target practice. I made a system that would take a NERF dart away, every minute, from us. So we lost darts against time! That made the game more challenging because now we would have to shoot more accurately in order to beat the time. I have to admit that it was pretty hard but we managed to beat the clock. Then my dad and I went outside to play soccer. It was fun! However once I tripped over my dad's foot and got hurt a bit.

Then it was time to play... Sploder! I made a new game called Cops Hotel. It's really easy. On level one, you're the cop who went around the hotel to look for someone who got beat up. Then you move to a second level then you have to follow instructions to continue on. I'm the pro at the game.

Then after dinner my dad and I watched a Bruce Lee called "The Big Boss". It's part of a Bruce Lee collection. I liked it because there were a lot of fight scenes.

This is it, for this week. Can't believe summer is almost over!

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