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July 3 - July 9

Well... this week I didn't get to blog a lot because I went to my summer camp at SAIT for 5 days. There is no blog for July 3. But you will get to see some of the things that I learned when I was at SAIT. Pretty cool stuff!

I'm going to tell you about my week - SAIT summer camp

July 4 - July 8, 2011 (40370)

July 4 Monday
Monday I went to the SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) summer camp: Bustin' Myths with Science. The first two myths we tried to bust were: "Can soda dissolve a nail?" and "Can nails turn into pennies?" Obviously, we all knew, it would take more than one day to find out the answers. Fortunately, our camp lasted for 5 days.

After recreation period (REC), we talked about Myths and legends and urban legends. It took about 45 minutes to end this barrage of comments. Then we had REC again before lunch. Then we tested the second myth: "Could nails Turn into Pennies?". The lemon juice we used really stunk the whole class. The idea did too because I already knew the answer! At the end of the day I had four buddies: Matteo, Cameron,Tony and Clement.

July 5, Tuesday
Today our teacher was a bit late so I played "slap", or whatever it's called, with Matteo. When the teacher finally showed up, the first thing we did was to test out another myth: "Can a Seed Grow in Your Stomach?" After soaking in the juice the seeds began to split. We concluded that most likely they couldn't unless you had soil in your stomach. We also tested if all bubbles were round. We created bubbles from detergent and proved that they're always round. We tried to bust another myth: "Is Yawning Contagious?". Cameron, while listening to relaxation music, fell asleep!

July 6 Wednesday
Today we tested if toasts always landed butter side down. It turned out that it was 50% - 50%. It could land either way. Then after a long period of REC we tested another myth: "Can You Light A Room With Lemons?" We managed to create a small amount of light with six lemons. Was the myth a "yes"? We certainly didn't have enough lemons so the myth was only plausible. Then we went swimming and the pool people gave me a life jacket!

July 7, Thursday
Today our schedule was mixed up. In the morning we went swimming and I got a life jacket again. Then we tested if quicksand was real. We figured out it wasn't. We checked on our nail in Coke; no difference! Then we created a substance - Goop - that was a liquid also a solid form depended on what you did with it. The goop was made of cornstarch, water, and food colorings.

July 8 Friday
The last day of camp was tiring. We found out that Coke wouldn't dissolve a nail, not in a week anyway. The nail in water became rusty while the one in Coke became sharper. The conclusion was: soda might dissolve a nail over a very long period of time but our camp was not long enough to prove that. Then we worked on our posters for the Camp Fair. Our group had a crazy kid called Nicholas who ran around and threw glitters at us.
Mom and Dad came to watch our presentations in the afternoon. Then Cameron and I had a play date at our house. We played games, watched movies, had dinner, then watched some more movies until Cameron's dad came to pick him up.

Overall I enjoyed my summer camp.

Bustin' Myths with Science
Picture gallery

The Nails in Soda Experiment:

The Goop Experiment:

July 9, 2011 Saturday

The day after my summer camp. I finally got to sleep in! I liked my camp but having to get up at 6:45 every morning really sucked!

After breakfast, Mom took me to Home Depot for a workshop to make a coaster set. I had never used a hammer and nails before so I was a bit nervous. It turned out pretty cool and not as hard as I thought. Took us only 25 minutes to finish the coaster set. It was just wood and not very nice looking. So when we got home we went to the basement to decorate the set. We first painted the wood into white color then we did some etching on a piece of silver board. It was a picture of a dinosaur with my dad on a scale, so he could stand taller than the dinosaur.

Two days ago was my dad's birthday. I didn't give him any present so I gave him this one to make it up.


I started drawing the title page for my new Super Kart after lunch. It was only one picture so I wanted to draw some more before showing them to you.


Then Dad and I watched Merlin again for the second time. I still liked it a whole lot. In fact, I understood the characters more when I watched it again.


Nothing too exciting for the rest of the day. I will write some more tomorrow and hopefully I will have more Super Kart pictures to share. Until then, have a good one!

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