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July 31 - August 6
July 31, 2011 Sunday

Hello! This was my fun day.
In the morning I had a hard time waking up so I was off to a drowsy start. After eating breakfast I had to do my subject of horror:


There were no problems about excrement (thanks goodness), but there were problems about Dumbledore (Hogwarts headmaster in the Harry Potter movies). Dad made up a math problem like this: How long would it take for somebody to catch Dumbledore if he had been hit by a fatal spell. I am not going to tell you about the details but it was funny when my dad mimicked Dumbledore's fall.


After math my mom and I went to see if Owen (one of my buddies) could play with me in the afternoon. Unfortunately, he wasn't there. So we rode back to our house then went to a sloppy area next to the ravine. While to riding up and down the ravine I made up a move called the "Mini Man". It was quite fun. All you had to do was duck down into a crouching position (while on the scooter), and presto! That's mini man.

When my mom and I got in we were all sweaty! Then we went to our backyard with some icy water, to cool ourselves off.


Then I shot like a bullet to my computer to do my blog. It took quite a while for me to finish, but I eventually did it.


After all that I headed off to play... Sploder! Today I managed to make a graphic! It was very short but cool! It was a graphic of, a . Another graphic was the Black Mange knocking someone out.


After dinner my dad and I watched Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix.

That was my day. See ya!

August 1, 2011 Tuesday

I was up bright and early this morning so my mom and I could go scootering and skateboarding. I first did the subject I dislike the most: MATH! It was a bit hard and half of the time I was talking to my dad about Alan Rickman.

When finally all the blabbing about Alan Rickman and math work were done, I happily walked to my computer to do my blog. I was done in a jiffy.


Before lunch, my mom and I went out on our scooter and skateboard. We rode to a place not far from the ravine, where Lucas lives. (Lucas is Peter's friend) After a while I decided I would ride around my mom's old jogging route. It was hard, frustrating and really, I was so tired when I got back to were my mom was supposed to be. But she wasn't there! So I had to go back up a huge hill and finally found my mom who was riding up the hill!


When my mom and I got home, we needed some cold water. My dad brought us some water and I was relived! While we were outside in our backyard drinking our cold water, a plane passed overhead. I asked my dad: "Why is it whenever we go into our backyard we see planes?". There came no answers!


Then my mom and I started researching about Sploder. (The reason why she was researching about Sploder was because I wanted to sign up) She didn't find a lot of reviews but she said she would look into it further.


Then it was 4:00pm. I played Wii Lego Harry Potter. It was very fun. My favorite part was when I was Harry and I shot Malfoy with a beam!


After dinner, my mom and I went outside with our skateboard and scooter again. When we came in mom got out my frosty cup from the freezer. It was a heavy cup but very cool to drink from.


Then before bed I watched "Pick a Puppy"( a TV show) with mom. The puppies are so cute and I really wanted one!

August 2, 2011 Tuesday

In the morning, I was up early. The problem was, I kept falling back to sleep! Wow! By the time I finally woke up it was 10:00am!


After eating breakfast I had to face it... the horrifying subject: MATH!!!! Although I didn't enjoy doing it, it was really easy.

By the time I was done with this subject it was very late and I might not have enough time to finish everything before lunch.

Then I set off to do my Blog. In the beginning, I wasn't too quick to start because I was reading other peoples blogs. But when I finally finished writing, I had a pretty nice blog.


Then my dad and I went outside to play soccer. My dad set up two sets of goal posts, one set in front of the other, for the game. He told me that if I got the ball through both sets of goal posts I would get a dollar. I started kicking and getting it through almost every time but then I got tired and that's when my dad began to score! But I managed to turn it around. In the end I still got 10$!


When we got back inside we played Lego Harry Potter (Wii). My favorite level was when I figured out how to ride a broom.

Then I got on the computer to play Sploder. I had signed up a Sploder account and created a game there. So if you want to see my most prized game click here. I don't want to spoil anything for you so you will have to find out yourself. Please play this game and tell me how you like it. ***Sorry, the link is not working at the moment. We will try to fix it as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!


Then after dinner I watched Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone and Jurassic Fight Club.

August 3, 2011 Wednesday

Hello! This was my day. Today was a casual day.

I did math in the morning (Which was quite easy because I didn't fool around too much) and my blog. My Blogging was the easiest out of the two jobs.


By the time all that was all done I headed outside with my dad. We played soccer again, but the rule had been changed. Instead of getting $1 per shot in the two goals, like yesterday. I had to get ten shots in those two goals for a dollar today. Cheap!


Then when my dad and I got in I read the Dragon's Eye, a library book. It's a really good book.


Then it was the most exciting part of the day... 4:00pm I played LEGO Harry Potter . The best part was when I dropped an ax on the trolls head!


Then after dinner my dad Jurassic Fight Club

August 4, 2011 Thursday

Hi! This was my awesome day!

My mom and I went to the Calgary Corn Maze with Amy, Callum, and Melanie today. We had to hurry because they were going to be here at 9am sharp. It took an hour to drive there. When we got there: All Fun Exploded!

First we went on a tube slide that was shaped like a tube (duh!). Then we headed to the jumping pillows (where later on would be very busy). They were basically a gigantic trampoline! It was very fun. My favorite part was our race. Amy, Callum, and I were racing towards the edge of the pillow. Callum tripped over then I tripped over, so Amy won.


Then we headed off to the fossil & mining site, a place we couldn't figure out what it was until my mom explained to us. We had to get a bag of dirt, pour it in a tray (more like a sieve), wash away the dirt in water and presto! You get gemstones! My favorite stone was the Sapphire because it was in gold color and very sparkly!


Oh, almost forgot the pony race. It was a lot of fun too.


Then we went to to eat lunch. There was a girl who picked up a cat and wouldn't put it down. The poor cat tried to get away but that girl held onto it tightly. The poor cat basically was being tortured! Then it finally zipped away.


Then it was time for the corn maze. It was huge! Unfortunately we kept going in circles in the beginning. That was until my mom figured out how to exit the maze. Before we were out of the maze, Amy and I raced to see who would be first to get to the end. We tied. Then once we all finished, my mom took a picture of the three of us, survived the maze.


After the tiring maze, all of us went on some huge farm tricycles. It was hard in the beginning but we eventually got the hang of it.

After the Corn Maze, I asked if Amy could come over to play some more. Her mom said yes and we were set. When Amy got to our house we played Super Smash Flash 2! Amy's favorite character was Kirby and mine was Ichigo. Then we played LEGO Harry Potter Wii, had dinner break, then played a bit more until her mom came.

It was a very very very very very very very very very fun day. See ya!

August 5, 2011 Friday

It was a casual day today. I did math in the morning and thought it was pretty easy. The only thing that wasn't easy was: the Cornish pixies problem. Nothing was too exciting about math and blogging so let's go straight to something cooler: The Internet!

I watched Ichigo fighting on the internet on The series was called "Bleach". There was a psycho guy, who fought Ichigo, with a sword that was powered by a monster that he found in a lab. But he ended up being killed by Ichigo.


After that, I headed out with dad on our bikes. We went on the steepest hill but barely got tired! Once we were done with that we came back to play soccer. I earned a dollar by scoring 10 goals! Yay!


Then it was time for the most exciting part of the day... 4:00pm! I decided to play Super Smash Flash 2! However I decided to watch a cartoon about Mario in a different window, and didn't realize Super Smash Flash 2 had stopped loading. By the time I actually started playing it, dinner was ready.


After dinner we had a family meeting before my dad and I watched .

Until next time!

August 6, 2011 Saturday

Hello! This was my excellent day.

I was thinking to make a game on Sploder in the morning, instead I ended up playing something more exciting than Sploder.


But I had to first go to the workshop for kids. In the workshop, kids got to make things such as coasters and other stuff like that. However we went on the wrong day! It was next Saturday! Duh! Then we went to Sears to get a Lawn mower. It took forever to finally choose one. I asked the salesman a couple of questions and he answered them.


After that we went to Toys-R-Us to build a LEGO plane. There were a lot of people plus the instructions were confusing so I built it wrong a couple of times. With my dad's help, it came out nicely in the end.


When we got home I had to face my demon again... MATH! Today it was pretty hard because there were a lot of division questions with the number "51" in them!

But I managed to survive that task. Then I went to do my blog. I was glad that was a breeze!


Then it was time to play the most awesome game on earth: Super Smash Flash 2! I figured out how to use special fighting abilities.

My favorite is Ichigo's Bankai! You hit one of the items twice, then Ichigo yells "Bankai!" Then you know you've done it. If you press the "O" key, he swipes his hand across his face then shoots a beam at you. If you load to the max, he yelps: Hahahahahaha! Then he shoots an even larger beam to basically knock you out!


Then after dinner my dad and I watched Godzilla vs Megagurius.

See ya!

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