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July 24 - July 30
July 24, 2011 Sunday

Hello. This was my day.

In the morning I was thinking about the the horrible subject: MATH! Then my mom said she had to go shopping. I tried my best to eat breakfast fast but by the time I finished eating, she was gone! [How could I avoid math now?] Then my dad said he had to go gas up and that he would be back in five minutes.


Four minutes after my dad had left I heard a ring at the door. I went to open it, and guess who was there? It's Peter, a good friend of mine. Peter, if you are reading this you know what is coming.

Peter and I decided we would go outside and play soccer. It was a tie because I scored on Peter but then he scored on me. Then we headed over to Peter's house to go on the trampoline. We played some trampoline games such as Bouncy: The freestyle edition! It was a game that you bounced around and do tricks in midair. I also made up a trampoline game that came with a 2-D version (where you bounced off the nets) and a 3-D version (you could walk to just about anywhere) - I don't remember the name of the game though.

Then we played Ray-man. Ray-man is a guy who kept getting thrown in jail by bad rabbits. (I don't know the whole description but I assure you I will find some info about him some time in the future.)

One of the most exciting things in the whole time Peter and I played together: We went biking. We raced around on tracks that we made up. My favorite was Jags castle. (If you stop on this course you fall through the ground and you can't race anymore.)

Then Peter and I competed in our Backyard Olympics. My favorite event was hurdles with a twist. You would go through two hurdles and then duck under a string attached to two chairs, then you crawled under a chair.

After that we went back to Peter's house to go in the small plastic pool. Instead of going in the pool I brought a water gun and used it to make backwards videos.


Then the most exciting part of the day 4:00pm! I got on Super Smash Flash 2! site. Once I was battling as Ichigo and I somehow shot a beam which knocked out Wario by mistake!


Then I watched a bit of the movie "Volcano" before my blog. After blogging, I watched the rest of "Volcano".

See ya!

July 25, 2011 Monday

Hi! This was my Fantastic day!

In the morning I was ready for Division. [Math isn't Tigger anymore!] If there was a fight between me and Math I would be winning. Then I went upstairs to do blog. Blogging wasn't exactly easy like math because I had to correct a lot of spelling mistakes.


Now I was rather happy when I was done Blogging. Because when I finished my blog, my dad and I watched a show on TV about how the earth was formed. It was very cool. It showed life on earth being formed. My favorite part of the show was when a Plesiseosaur called Rhomaleosaurus came and grabbed an Ichthyosaur in it's mouth and dragged the Ichthyosaur down to the depths of the sea.


Then half way through the show I called Peter to see if he wanted to play again today. He agreed and we rode on the bikes for two and a half hours! I was riding in the back lane when Justin, a really old friend of mine, was riding with his buddy Ben behind Peter and me. Justin yelled: "Throw the water balloon at Peter"! That's when I realized Ben had a water balloon!

Peter and I scrambled towards the hill. Then they spotted someone else that they could chuck it at. Peter and I fled towards the other side of the back lane when suddenly Justin and his friend spotted us. We rode as fast as we could but they were faster. They caught us and told us they had tried to throw it at Peter's sister but it skimmed the back tire. I was relived to know they no longer had the water balloon so I lowered my gears.


Then I went home and Played:Super Smash Flash 2! at 4pm. It's so awesome! I tried to unlock all the characters but that didn't work too well. That's when I realized I was playing the Demo! In one battle I was Ichigo fighting four guys at the same time. All of a sudden the snake guy that I fought a week ago came back! I thought he was going to start beating me up like his other victims, but all he did was knock out Goku. That's when I realized that Ichigo must have some power to summon that snake guy!


After dinner my dad and I watched JAWS. It's rated PG but it looked like a PG-14. [WOW!]

Thanks for reading, See Ya!

July 26, 2011 Tuesday

Hello. This was my most happy day yet!

In the morning I read Calvin And Hobbes again, my favorite part was where Calvin said: "I have to go, bad!" Then he went home and his mom asked him why in the world his teacher would let him go home, he said: "I told my teacher that I had to go!"

His teacher thought Calvin needed to go to the bathroom!


Of course I had to do the dreadful math with dad after that. It was hard and easy at the same time. The hard part was getting myself to do it, and the easy part was actually doing it! (Isn't that something?) Then I bolted upstairs to do my blog but mom told me to do it downstairs, on my computer. I had a hard time connecting to Students of The World blog site. I finally refreshed my computer and got it going!


After I did my blog, I played with Peter one last time, before his cousins arrived from Holland. First, we went biking. It was really fun, because there was practically no one out there! I liked it for a second reason: there was a huge bump in the middle of the road that literally sent you flying! It was awesome!

That's not me, of course!


Then Peter and I ate dinner at my house. We watched Tora! Tora! Tora! [A war movie.] Then we went to Peter's house to make some backward movies. My favorite backward movie was where I threw an object away from me as we filmed. But when we played it backwards it looked like the object came flying into my hands!

That was my day, see ya!

July 27, 2011 Wednesday

Hello. This was my awesome day!

In the morning I barely could move out of my bed! Boy,I was dog tired!

After breakfast I did division. As usual, I complained a bit, but eventually did it. After division I did my blog. Then my mom suggested me playing with Peter. So I called Peter's and his mom answered. She said Peter was not in the house and that he was on his way to the airport to pick up his cousins.


Because Peter couldn't come I rode my bike by myself. I rode around to the places I was familiar with: The school, Lucas's house, my normal biking routine then up and down the street. When I got back inside, my dad also had finished doing his workout.


Then the most exciting part of the day: 4:00pm! I watched about 2 minutes of Sonic The Hedge Hog. Then I played Super Smash Flash 2! My favorite part of the game was when I was Sonic and Ness was going to use a beam to knock me out but, I jumped up and kicked Ness, and knocked him out!


After dinner my dad and I watched Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part One. I can't wait to watch part two!

July 28, 2011 Thursday

Hello! This was my day.

In the morning my mom and I agreed that we would go out before doing math!

So I hurried to get my things done before we left. We went to a dollar store called Dollarama. Boy, it was exactly what I imagined, the biggest dollar store I had ever seen!

My mom and I bought some pretty cool items. I got: three eraser phones, some mini dinosaurs and a work book with a cute dog on its cover. Mom and I walked out of the store with thirteen items! Wow!


When we got home, I did my math then blogged. Math was not to stressful. I had a pretty good time doing my blog.


Then the most exciting part of the day: 4:00pm! I created a game on a game site called Sploder. It's really cool! On one of my levels, I was going to fight an enemy who was in a cage. But, I had to first unlock his cage. Unfortunately I unlocked a wrong guy and he came charging at me. I tried to run as he fired a bomb at me. I tried to use a key on the keyboard to jump but I hit the wrong key and I ended up hitting the bomb and it killed me!


Then my dad and I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

That was my day. See ya!

July 29, 2011 Friday

Hello! This was my excellent day!

Mom said we could go to anther dollar store in the morning. I hurried to get my things done while mom got ready for the store.

When I was done, We set off to a dollar store in Dalhousie. We had no idea how long this would take. I got at a few things in the dollar store including a mini skeleton of a Dilophosaurus, some modeling clay, and a spy mirror.

Then my mom said she wanted to go to that fitness place (Fitness Depot) to check weight lifting stuff. When in there I saw a dummy, looked just like the one used on a TV show, the "Deadliest Warrior". I wanted to get it but of course mom said "no". That would be so cool though!

Then on our way back to the car, we walked pass Memory Express, a computer store. We went in and while my mom was looking for some audio extension cables, I drew a picture on one of the computers, using the Windows application called Paint. Then after my mom had gotten her things we got out of the store and headed home.


We went home to have lunch. Mom did her exercise while I did math with dad. The plan was to do my blog after mom's workout. But, before she finished her workout, Annette came to our door and I realized Peter was still at home. I went to get my scooter then went to Peter's house. Peter and I started scootering around, and later Thomas, Peter's cousin, came to join us. We went all the way to the big soccer field and back.

It was then I saw my mom with our new skateboard in front of our house. Then we just went up and down the street a few more times before saying goodbye to Peter and everyone else.


When we came back in, I played my Sploder again. Once I made myself a sponge guy, I hit a guy so hard that he went flying up into the air.


Then after Dinner I watched Harry Potter before finishing my blog with mom.

That was all for my day. See ya next time.

July 30, 2011

My mom took me to see the Smurfs in 3-D movie in Chinook Center in the morning. It was interesting. My dad was invited to go but he didn't want to go. My favorite part of the movie was when Gargemel's cat asked Gargemel "Are you dead?". The reason it was funny because Gargemel always said the same thing to the cat. The movie offered free popcorn and soda but we didn't want any of that. But I got a McDonald's Smurf toy (I believe it's Brainy) after the movie.


When we got home I did math and blog. Math gave me a wake up call because dad gave me a problem included... dinosaur excrement.

My blog was short because there weren't much to talk about.


Then it was the most epic/awesome/exciting time of the day: my Sploder game time. There was a game maker physics. One of the modes allowed you to use pixels to make a moving picture. I started making a dinosaur but never manged to finish it.

After dinner, I watched Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince.

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