in the eyes of a swimmer - the kicks

This page is for kicking, so I will be listing the different types of kicks and what you might need help on.
Freestyle kick (on belly); problems
(1) Its difficult to kick
(2) Your back hurts
(3) Its hard to move forward
If none of the above are whats wrong with your kick, you can feel free to e-mail me personally about your problem, and I can help.
(1) If it is difficult to kick, its probably because you are using the wrong type of kickboard, or you are keeping your head up to long. Try using a SM board, or a Small Board, which is about 4"x4", and you can cut it from a green foam kickboard. And if that doesn't work, try keeping your head down more often when you aren't breathing.
(2) If your ack hurts, its most likely beacuse you are keeping your head up way to much, try using a snorkel while kicking so your back will be more in its natural postion, making it less painful.
(3) If its hard to move forward, its almost a definite sign you are bending your knees way to much. Try keeping your legs a bit longer and straighter, not to the pount of pain, but enough to make your feet lead the way, not your knees.

If none of these tricks work out for you, or your coach wont allow it, please, feel free to e-mail me personally, I will give you the perfect advice!
Tip: notice how the swimmers in these three pictures are leading their kick with their feet, not their knees. That's what you should want your kick to look like.

Butterfly kick is one of the more painful kicks, especially for your core. These problems and solutions are for on your belly only.
(1) Your core hurts as you kick
(2) Your hips sink
(3) its difficult to breath
If none of the above are whats wrong with your kick, you can feel free to e-mail me personally with your problems and I will be happy to help you.
(1) If your core hurts as you kick, thats great! It means you are doing your kick correctly, keep it up!
(2) If your hips sink, it means you are keeping your head up. Try doing the kick on your back, or use a snorkel to keep your head down.
(3) If its difficult to breath, its probably because you are keeping your head up again! You need to keep your head down with a snorkel, or control your breathing.
You can e-mail me if you need any help on your stroke or kick.
Tip: notice the swimmer on top doing butterfly kick, notice how she is going head down, butt up. When you do your kick, you should be doing the same.

Sorry that I have been out for a while, but heres how to do breastroke kick. And remember, If none of my problems are yours, you can email me personally for a personal answer. Heres some popular problems:
1) Your back hurts
2) You dont seem to be moving anywhere
3) You cant keep your head above water
These are all the problems I can think of at the moment, but feel free to email me with yours to help other swimmers. Here are the solutions:
1) This happens with every kick if you are arching your back too much. Try going in streamline without a board or with a small board you can make out of a cheaper kick board. If you cant seem to get a breath, try using a snorkel, it really helps!
2) If you dont seem to be moving anywhere, try not kicking so that your knees come down as far, there is a drill that will help with that. First, get onto your back so that you are now in a backstroke streamline position. Then, with a large or regular sized board, hold the board over your knees while still holding your hips up; this takes a bit of core strength. Then, start kicking. If your knees hit the board, that means they are coming up too high. Keep a low kick. It may also be used for freestyle kick. Another reason might be kicking too wide. try getting onto your belly and kicking your butt. this will make yourself have a smaller kick. Remember, you may also not be moving because breastrke takes strengh, work at it and eventually I can gaurentee that you will get better!
3) If you cant keep your head above water, that is normal. It just means obviously you are sinking. Again, if you have any problems relating to this, try using a snorkel, it will help! a small board is also good to use, as it keeps you in a streamlined position.
I hope this all helps!

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