in the eyes of a swimmer - Backstroke

Backstroke is more of a simple stroke, that still requires quite a bit of focus to perfect.
(1) You back hurts (like a slap on your back) when you dive.
(2) You go way deep underwater during your start
(3) You can't come up past the flags
(4) Your back is flat
(5) You don't seem to get much friction with the water
(6) You hit the laneline alot
(7) You run into the wall with your head
(8) You continuosly slip on the wall with your start
As you can see, backstroke is one of the strokes you can mess up alot on. If one of the above isn't whats wrong with your stroke, you can e-mail me personally on the visitors page.
(1) If your back hurts like someone slapped you on the back, it means you arent getting you back arched enough to run smoothely with the water. You may want to try to arch your back to a deep degree as 40-80 degrees.
(2) If you go too far underwater, then you might hsve gone overboard with the 40-80 degree start. You might want to try going a bit easier on the degrees.
(3) If you can't come past the flags, then you have done an angle thats too low. So you need to go at the right angle thats not to bent, and not too straight.
(4) If your back is flat, think about it this way, only 1 fish in the sea swims flat, and its not the fastest in the ocean. So when you swim, try to rotate your shoulders until when your hand that your about to use, so that when you take your stroke, your hand is about 12 inches under the water.
(5) If you don't seem to get much fricton with the water, then you must not be obeying the correction above. So try to rotate your shoulders and do your stroke pushing the water to your feet.
(6) If you run into the laneline alot, then you probably are moving your head when you rotate your shoulders. try to keep your head in the same position while you rotate your shoulders.
(7) If you run into the wall alot when ending your swim, its probably because you haven't practiced your finishes enough to count your strokes to the wall. If you practice, you can probably perfect it.
(8) Im sorry this is in the end, but if you continuously slip on the wall its probably beacuse you don't do 90 degree angle with your elbows and knees. So if this is your problem, then seperate your feet at shoulder width apart, put your knees at a 90 degree angle, as well as your elbows.
Notice in the picture above (Liam Tancock, an olympic gold medalist) how arched this wimmers back is, everyone has a different arch based on you height, weight, flexibility, and speed. Find your degree.

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