in the eyes of a swimmer - Butterfly

Butterfly is one of the more difficult strokes, which means it is harder to explain.
(1) Your slow on your first stroke
(2) You can't seem to gain speed
(3) You can't seem to kick much
(4) Your hips are low in the water
(5) You can barely move forward
(6) Its hard to breath
If none of the above are the problems with yours stroke, you can email me personally on the visitors page.
(1) If you are slow on your first stroke, it probably means you are taking a breath on the first stroke, making your hips sink, causing a LOT of drag, You have to get into the habit of not nreathing that first stroke.
(2) If you can't seem to speed up much, you probably have your hips down too low. That may be caused by over breathing, which causes your hips to sink, and cause a LOT of drag. So try to breath every 2 strokes. Also you may be kicking at the wrong time. So when you do your stroke, make sure you kick once, largely, then once, almost too small to see.
(3) If you can't seem to kick, it may be because your hips are too low, caused by over breathing, which lowers your hips. That makes it very difficult to kick.
(4) If your hips are low in the water, once again, caused by overbreathing, which lowers your hips. causing MASSIVE drag.
(5) Ok, I know I keep repeating this, but if you cannt move forward its because of over breathing. If you havent noticed yet, its a big problem. overbreathing->low hips->can't breath->barely move.
(6) Reapeating: overbreathing->low hips->can't breath->barely move.

All of the above are caused by overbreathing/low hips. You need to get the correct breathing pattern to be able to speed up.

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