in the eyes of a swimmer - Breaststroke

This is literally the most advanced stroke ever existed.
(1) You can't reach the top of the water on your pullout
(2) Your choking on water
(3) You don't move much
(4) Your neck hurts
(5) You go down deep underwater when you do your stroke
(6) You overglide
(7) You can't touch the wall at the correct pace
If none of the above are your problems, feel free to e-mail me personally on the visitor page.
(1) If you can't reach the top of the water, you probably have gone too deep in the water, then you need to dive a bit shalllower, andd make sure you arent facing downward during your pullout.
(2) If your choking on water, its likely you are doing your stroke to low in the water. Try lifting yourself up higher in the water, that should heelp some.
(3) If you don't move much, its a likely problem your kick is too deep and your hips/knees are too deep. Try doing a shallower kick.
(4) If your neck hurts, its a popular problem that you have a 'broken neck', where you are able to see the other wall. You should put a tenis/raquet ball in between your neck and chin, making you hold yor neck at the righ angle.
(5) If you go deep in the water when you do your stroke, its probably because your arms are at a deep angle, facing you downward, causing you to be directed downward.
(6) If you overglide, it definetly slows you down. You can only get away with gliding in the long distance races, anything other than that, you need to be quick with your hands and arms so you sprint.
(7) If you can't touch the wall at the correct pace, you need to time your strokes correctly so that you come to the wall at the exaxt correct time, no more, no less.
Notice how the picture (Micheal Phelps) of the swimmer has his head completely aligned with his spine, like his head is out of water and looking straight forward, if you master this, you master a lot of goals.

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