in the eyes of a swimmer - Freestyle

If you want to perfect your freestyle, you need to find out what the problem is. If I list one of your stroke problems, you can look at the information below the list.
(1) You're slow off your turns
(2) You come up before the flags
(3) You come up and out of the water on your side
(4) You can't seem to speed up on the breakout
(5) You move your head while trying to breath
(6) You can't seem to kick
(7) You can't finish your swim and touch the wall at the same pace
If none of the above were whats wrong with your stroke, you can personally e-mail me at the visitor page for additional information.
(1) Try doing a medium sized dolphin kick right before you do your flip turn, this will speed your flip. If you just focus on your pushoff, you might be able to push off the wall faster.
(2) If you come up before the flag, try doing 4 dolphin kicks before you come up, you can also do a drill thats called 4LKO, which stands for 4 Lane Kick Out. You kick out 4 lines, which helps with that.
(3) If you come up on your side, you need to make sure your not turning over onto your belly early enough. You might need to combine the 4LKO (above) with turning over on your belly sooner. You will then get used to it, and it will be easier to flip during regular stroke.
(4) If you can't seem to speed up on the breakout, try doing 6 stroke breakouts when diving from the blocks, unless your coach says otherwise. After a while, you will then learn to speed up in the breakouts.
(5) If you move your head during your breathing, suggest to your coach that you need to do bellybutton drill. Its when you don't move your head at all, and you turn your hips with your head until your bellybutton is at water level. Or you could do pirate drill, where you cover one of your goggle lenses up with duct tape and breath every 4 strokes. if you can see out the eye that is underwater, you are turning too far. (notice how the olympic swimmer abover hides his/her other eye almost completely underwater, and his/her head is aligned with his/her spine)
(6) If you can't seem to kick, you need to work on 6BTK. Which stands for ^ Beat Kick, where you kick 6 times every 3 strokes, which will help you kick.
(7) If you can't seem to finsih your swim at the same pace, you might be taking an extra stroke, or not enough strokes. You might want to try stretching your arm to reach the wall faster, you need to time your stroke perfectly in order to get the correct speed.

Once again, to contact me, go to the visitors page. I will be doing another post for each of the other strokes.

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