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Hi! I'm Kate! I live in West Lulworth and go to a school called 'Lulworth and Winfrith' This is my school website My school ranges from Reception to Year 3.
I have a sister called Sadie, and a brother called Maxie. I live on a farm with my mother and father! And I have kept a diary and recount of what life is like in the summer holidays. I hope you enjoy reading my diary, and see what it really is like to live in the country!
Friday 4th of August 2012
Dear Diary,
I am so relieved and grateful that it is summer now! It means I can go to Lulworth Cove, or the Stair Hole or even the Fossil Forest! The summer is never boring! There is always so much to do! I can run around the fields with Macey and Jake, if I wanted! I could sit quietly, creating daisy chains and- Oh so much... I make so many friends, who come and visit West Lulworth, but when summer ends, and they have to go I never see them again. In my school, I don't have a large amount of friends, partly because there is such a little amount of people in my class and school. If you compared that to a large, city or town school, it would have lots of children, such as This School. or This School. In-fact, I went to a gift shop the other day to buy a yoyo for Maxie, and it was sooo crowded! The prices went up too! That's the last time I'm going back there! Mmm... had fish and chips for tea, it was aboutslutely yummy!

- Kate
Saturday 5th of August 2012
Dear Diary,
I walked to the farm today to feed the lambs, and guess what! This tourist, left the gate open on our farm! Don't they know it's private land? All the sheep barged out, and my father has gone aboutslutely crazy! All the poor little lambs got frightened! Sadie, went over to the forest to have a picnic with mum and Maxie, whilst I stayed back to help find the lost sheep! It was such a chaos! We only found two sheep, at the end! We must try tommorrow!

- Kate
Sunday 6th August 2012
Dear Diary,
Today I got dressed in my best clothes, and went to church. After that, I got to go to a 'Arts & Crafts' class, they're quite rare, though. But, luckily in our village, a group of people come over every year, and we have a range of activities to pick from. But, some sad news came... Grandpa, had to go to hospital, and apparently it took over an hour to get to the hospital! He had a stroke.... I don't think I want to write anymore!

- Kate

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