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West Lulworth is based in a coastal area, which would appeal to many tourists, Click Here To See The Tourism Page. West Lulworth is home to many farmers, fishermen and of course shopkeepers. West Lulworth do not have fantastic large shopping malls, like H&M or Next, Primark, or even McDonalds. In many towns and cities you would have these resources but in a quiet village like West Lulworth, there aren't any. You would just have your basic grocery store, or gift shop, and perhaps a small 'Tesco' or 'Asda'. So for you shopping fanatics, I'm afraid West Lulworth is not the perfect place for a shopping spree. But despite this, you have country parks and a large amount of space... And of course, - forgetting the shopping malls - you have a large majority of ice cream vans, mainly located near the beaches.
But, of course there is a lot of Agriculture in West Lulworth. So this means, that West Lulworth has a large amount of farmers and fishermen. West Lulworth is quite a small village, so not much income is gained.
Would West Lulworth Be A Ideal Place For Me, If I'm Interested In Buisness?

No Sadly... West Lulworth, doesn't gain much money in times like autumn and winter, but you may get a few pounds in the summer!
Sadly, West Lulworth's ecomonmical growth is not a lot... But you should see it in the summer!

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