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Dear Readers,
I have enjoyed learning about the wonders of West Lulworth. The glorious landscapes and views, the cruel tourists! (Well, they aren't always that mean! Though farmers do get angry with tourists!) I don't think I blame them! Still, I have been able to look at differences between big cities, and to look at smaller villages in the country, such as West Lulworth. I actually have been to Dorset, but I haven't been to West Lulworth, and I would like to visit. Who knows? I might just be able to get there one day! Oh the good old wonders of England! I would just like to dedicate this blog to some very special people who have helped me:

Mrs Fleming (St Albert The Great HeadTeacher Click Here
Mrs Yates (Teacher At St.Albert)
Family & Friends

And the most important one of all....... WEST LULWORTH!

So, the topic, 'Contrasting Locations' has been a happy one, and it's starting to dawn...

[picture not found]
Oops! Nearly forgot, any QUESTIONS? and also....

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West Lulworth - Author's Note (Countries of the World)    -    Author : Cathy - Great Britain

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