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West Lulworth is a little village near Dorset. It has one of the greatest sites there is to see. There is 'Durdle Door' and the Jurassic Coast, and many beautiful beaches! Although many residents complain about the amount of tourists, and the huge prices it still has a remarkable view, and the best Britain has to offer! Also, the Jurassic Coast is a world heritage spot, did you know that? Here in this website, I will continue to talk about West Lulworth in more detail, and post a fictional recount about life in West Lulworth, from a girl named Kate's point of view.


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For All You English Fans West Lulworth is the place to start. With it's breath-taking views and landscapes, and incredible countryside there is nothing to hate about this area, but there are a few little problems lurking the background.. And Remember, don't forget to leave your comment on the forum, and post your answers on the survey!

Handy Facts!

Did you know West Lulworth has a population of 766!

Did you know that the king and the queen in 1789 landed in Lulworth Cove?

Did you know that in the First World War, two West Lulworth men were killed in action on the same day?

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