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Of course, with breath-taking views and fantasic landscapes, West Lulworth is bound to attract tourists, and that's a good thing, people showing their appreciation of where you live is incredible! But, not for a small village like West Lulworth... It isn't always so good... West Lulworth is in Dorset. West Lulworth is located at the very bottom of the UK >>

West Lulworth gains quite a lot from Tourism, B&B's and hotels are quite popular around West Lulworth, because of the large amount of visitors. The summer is usually packed full of people, covering the beaches and staying hotels. Usually prices go up near the summer time, at winter and autumn everything is quiet, and silent unlike the summer! You can get quite a lot of tourists in London, but not so much in Hemel Hempstead.
Featured B&B/Hotel:
West Down Farm

<< Number One B&B!

And Of course! Ye old english pub! How traditional!
With West Lulworth being such a small village, secrets go around fast! So don't expect a secret to be kept a secret! Everyone knows each other very well!

Holy Trinity Church.

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