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Some of my neighbors and friends don't actually think that we recycle, so they just put their recyclables in the trash. Now I do believe in recycling so I put my recyclables in my recycling box. The opposing people I talk to think that only one tenth of all the recyclables get recycled. Well-*Pass it only* - even if only one tenth of all the recyclables get recycled then so be it! If the total is 5,000 pieces of recyclables and only one tenth of it gets recycled then it would be 500 pieces get recycled, but if we make the total bigger the tenth of the total will also get bigger! If everyone recycles then the one tenth gets bigger and grows! That is why I recycle!

Movie Theaters- Although I love movie theaters and the whole experience, I sometimes feel that we don't need them. Not only does it pollute the air when you drive to the movie theaters, the electricity the movie theaters use must really add up! It uses a lot of lighting, machines to keep the food they sell warm, and the actual movies that are on the screen. As you watch the movie they may dim the lights, but they still have a humungous screen that's light up. Other than making more movie theaters and cutting down trees to make space for them, why don't we just make a small nature park. This way you can still have fun with family and friends and make your own personal movie that you write yourself!:)


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