Journalism Babies:) - Scariest and funniest experience

My scariest experience was when my cat started couhing up blood. I was bery scared for him, he was only eight years old. His name was Mugsy, he had black spots on his white fur. My dad immediatley took him to the doctor, and he said the doctor told him that Mugsy had cancer and that our only option was to put him to sleep if he wanted to be out of pain. It was really sad;(

My funniest experience happened when I was little. My brother was with me in a room full of lots of toys. He ended up wanting the same toy I wanted, I was like one and he was like four, and then when I wouldn't give it to him he called me selfish. He told my mom that and then I said, "I'm not shelfish!" So now we always laugh when we hear someone saw shelfish or selfish because I got the two mixed up and I couldn't pronounce it correctly:)


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