Journalism Babies:) - Who I admire and Advice for parents

I admire my Mom. My Mom does a lot for me, I'm not saying she's my favorite parent though. We just get to talk about drama and she gives me advice. She works hard like my dad and she drives me everywhere. She still finds the time to hang out with me and talk with me even though she's so busy. I also admire my brother, he is a big role model in my life and I really look up to him. He pushes me so I can be the best I can, that's why I love him!<3

Advice for parents: First and foremost, don't try to be funny or embarrassing around your children, don't get me wrong being funny is okay sometimes, but after a while it's stupid. Also, you can't try too hard to be gunny, it's just annoying and don't embarrass your children in front of their crush! Just be yourself.


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