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Once upon a time, there was a little frog, named Freddy, that liked to eat crackers. All of his friends ate flys and bugs, but this froggy liked crackers. Everyday for lunch he would have crackers, "Eww, it's Freddy eating his crackers again!" the other frogs would chant while Freddy tried to ignore them. Nobody would ever play leap frog with him, or play with his jumprope. All they would do is sit, talk, and eat fly and bugs. Then, one day, all of the bugs went away for the winter. It was the first winter that all of the frogs had to go through here in Maine, because they just recently moved there. Even the older frogs didn't know what to eat, because they were used to warm Florida where there were always bugs. The food supplies were quickly running low, and all of the frogs were beginning to grow very hungry. One day, Freddy saw a couple of dead frogs being placed into their grave, it said that they died of starvation. Suddenly Freddy shout out, "I can't take it anymore! Just because something is different or new doesn't mean you can't try it. I have plenty of crackers for everyone, and the supply won't run out like bugs. I don't want to see everyone die or get sick, so please, just try the crackers!" Everyone looked at Freddy with wonderment and laughter, and they all rolled their eyes and hopped away. Later, a family of frogs came to him, and one of the bullies that made fun of him was in the family. Freddy asked why they were there and they explained that they needed to atleast try the crackers. The bully was first to take a bite, and after he swallowed a big grin emerged from his face, and he grabbed another cracker.

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