Geny - quotes from Max and the Flock

Hey!Max and the Flock here!
We have a list at the bottom
of some stuff we said in some of
our books.Fly on!(:

"The School-the prison where we grew up.
Jeb saved us from it once,
and now that's where they took Angel"
-Maximum Ride book 1
"The Angel Experiment"

"I'm a girl of extremes.
When I love something,
I'm like a puppy dog(without all the licking).
When I'm cranky,I'm a wasp
(like,a whole hive of 'em).
And when I'm angry,I'm a mother bear
with a predator after her cubs:
-Maximum Ride Book 6
"I don't damsel well. Distress I can do. Damesling? Not so much."
-Maximum Ride Book 3
"Saving the World and other Extreme Sports"

Max-"What I said yesterday
didn't mean anything!I love
everyone in the Flock!Plus,
it was the valium talking!"
Fang-"Uh-huh.You just keep
telling yourself that.
You loooove me.Pick a tree.
I'll go carve our initials
on it."
-Fang and Max book 3
"Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports"
-Fang beating p an Ari with wings in
"Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports"

"I'll make the eggs.
I don't want Max to burn
our last frying pan."
-Iggy book 1
"The Angel Experiment"

"If we get seperated somehow-
though I don't see how we could,
unless maybe 1 of us gets
lost in a cloud...or something-
do you think that can happen?
I haven't ever been inside
a cloud.I bet it's tickly.
Can you see inside a coud?..."
-Nudge book 1
"The Angel Experiment"

"I vill now destroy
de Snickurs bahrs!"
-Gazzy imitating
Ter Borcht(evil guy)
book 3
"Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports"

"Nothing last forever,Max.
And actually-I hate to tell
you this,but Fang will be the first
to die.And it will be soon"
-Angel book 6

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