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Hello!!!!!!!!! This is Zippy speaking. My favorite book is actually a series called Maximum Ride by James Patterson. It's about 6 kids who are avian americans.(the word avian has to do with birds just in case you didn't know.) They were raised in a secret facility called the School where mad scientits took them to have experiments on them. Before the 6 children were born, the mad scientists somehow got avian DNA into them. This made the kids become 2% avian and 98% human. Their names are Maximum, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel. Maximum's last name is Ride from the astronaut Sally Ride. Just to let you know now, the kids gave themselves names. Maximum,( also known as Max), is a blond,has brown eyes,is 14ish,has brown and white wings, and is the leader of the Flock. I'll also say this... none of the kids know their real names, all of them have raptor vision,(except Iggy,I'll explain later),great hearing, and WINGS! And yes I said wings. Fang is also 14ish with dark eyes,hair and wings, loves the color black, is Max's right hand man and he likes Max. Iggy is also 14ish,has light blue eyes,light gray wings,a great listener, and is blind. Iggy wasn't born blind. At the School, the "scientist" tried to enhance his night vision but they made a mistake. Nudge is 11ish,is a very tanned skin person with dark brown hair and eyes,white wings,and is very talkative. Gazzy is also known as the Gasman(you should know why),has blond hair and blue eyes with white wings,and is Angel's brother. Angel is 6ish, has white wings, blond hair and blue eyes.She can change herself to 3 things:
1) a bird of paradise
2) a tanned person with different color eyes and hair
3) I forgot what it was.
She can also read minds,can control another persons mind(can come in handy),breath under-
water, and talk to fish.These kids are on the run, trying to save the world from places like the School, which are taking innocent children from their parents at birth and experimenting on them.The sixth book, "Fang", is when Max has to deal with this scientist,Dr.Hans Gunther-Hagen.(Max sarcastically calls him "Dr.God")Max and the Flock are in Africa to help the CSM.When they go there, Angel introduces an African girl who has self healing powers to Max. While eating, Angel says Fang would be the first to die. Then this Dr.G-H shows up with another avian american whose name is Dylan and Dr.G-H says Dylan is Max's "perfect other half". He says Dylan was created for Max. Max doesn't want to like Dylan. She loves Fang more than Dylan, but Angel says Fang is the reason they have all these attacks. Later on in the story the Flock splits up.Max and Fang stay toghether and Angel becomes leader of the other half. She got all the leader powerful stuff stuck in her head. Would the Flock stay split forever?Would Max go with Dylan? Would Fang die?I won't tell you anymore stuff.You have to find out everything on your own. There are 6 books and 2 magna comic books in the series.The 3rd comic book is coming out in August of this year. The movie is coming out next year(2011). See ya! (;

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