Geny - The books and manga

Book 1
"The Angel Experiment"

Book 2
"Schools Out-Forever"

Book 3
"Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports"

Book 4
"The Final Warning"

Book 5

Book 6

Book 7
Fang has left the Flock,like mentioned in "FANG".
In this book, Fang has his own Flock of mutants.
Max's Flock and Fang's Flock must unite to defeat the one's with the motto:
"Save the planet:Kill the humans!"
But what's up with Angel?
Is it really all about her?
Could she be the hero?
Would Max and Fang be together again?
Hope I'll find out soon!

Book 1
"Maximum Ride-Manga"

Book 2
"Maximum Ride-Manga"

Book 3
"Maximum Ride-Manga"

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