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What is colorful,stretchable,and the latest thing?
Almost everyone has these shaped rubber-bands around their wrists.
They come in all shapes and colors.
There are fairies,cars,elephants,mermaids,camels...you name it!
You can wear them as bracelets and when you take it off,it goes back to its normal shape!
Everyone has been wearing them to school and has been trading with their friends.
Even some teachers have gone into it!
some people want to band Silly Bandz!
Who knows.You can ask him later...
But don't worry!These things would last a longggggggg time!
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These are some pictures I found of the Silly Bandz.
You can buy Silly Bandz in 'Claires','Walgreens',and 'Office Max'.
Enoy your Silly Bandz!

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