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Today.I want to introduce a city where I live in!!

My country,Taiwan,is a beautiful island
Its shape is very like a sweet potatoes,isn't it^-^

I live in Kaohsiung!!!(高雄)
People also call Kaohsiung"港都"
Kaohsiung is south of Taiwan,and it is the second big city in Taiwan~
Kaohsiung is closed to sea,so I can eat seafood all the time~
I love seafood,I think it is so delicious!!
Summer in Kaohsiung is very hot*-*
Kaohsiung has a very beautiful river called"love river"(愛河)

Welcome to Taiwan~
Finally,Have a cool day~

Love River(愛河)^-^

~Dragon Boat Festival~
Today is Dragon Boat Festival!!!
In this day,people in Taiwan have to eat 粽子~
粽子is food made from rice~
It is really delicious~
we eat 粽子to remeber Qu Yuan~
He was a giant!!

We hold the dragon boat games,too~
It's so excited!!
Every time I watch the games,it always makes me nervous~

Have a nice day~

This is 粽子!!

I feel so happy these days!!
Because Taiwan has won 3 baseball games
i am sooooooo excited now!!!!!!!
our goal is joining Beijing Olympic
the baseball players in Taiwan play very well!
Tomorrow,we will have a baseball game with Canada
i hope Taiwan can win~
Cheer up Taiwan

Baseball is one of my favorite sports!!!
i also love basketball and karate
though i didn't win the Basketball games last week
i still had a precious experience!!!~!
i has learned Karate for 7 years
it is a very interesting sport~

By the way
I will have a midtern on 3/24 and 3/25
so i won't write article for some time

加油 中華隊~

~Chinese New Year's Eve~
Today is Chinese new year's eve!
it is also the third day that i came back Penghu
i feel so great~

Following custom, we have to worship, set off firecrackers as well as burn some paper money
for the Gods!
the most important thing is eating dinner together!!!
and the most special thing isE that we have to stay up all night on New Year's eve to increase our parents’ the age

I think Chinese tradition is very unique!!!
Now, there are four hours to be in Chinese New Year's Eve!!!!
i am really excited!~


I feel so happy now!!!
because i am in my hometown--Penghu~
it is so great!!i can see my grandpa and grandma~
they are so kind!

Today i went to town centre with my mom
we went there to buy things that we need to worship
on the way to town centre,it was very cold~
the wind was very strong~it also rained
the weather was very very cold~

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year'Eve
everyone will be very busy tomorrow!!
and will be very bustling!!!
i expect that so much~

Have a nice day~guys

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