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~Share my fellings all of you~
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My name is Nicole,I called this name because of Nicole Mary Kidman and Nicole Linkletter
I respect them very much
my chinese name is Chen Yi-Shiuan
I come from Taiwan
now,it is the first year in my university life
However,It's summer vacation in Taiwan
so I don't started my college life yet
But I still feel so excited about it~~
I love to make friends with all of you as well as write down my feelings!!
If you have any advice,just MAILE ME or LEAVE A MESSAGE!!!

~!!!JUST ENJOY MY BLOG!!!~ ^-^

This is 2012
A whole new year~~
Also,it's the second year in my university
I can feel much stress this system
but I can learn much from this system cuz there'll be many activities!!^^

I have not been here for 2 years TT
I can write anything I want here=))
Share my feelings for all of you~


I just receive a surprise a moment ago!!
It's a call from my friend!!
I am soooooooo happy~~=) XD!!
Expecting he can come back soon~~

Today,I ran 1000 meters
Actually,it was not really difficult for me before
However,I haven't done exercise for about 6 months =( =(
My physical strength is much worse than before!!*-*

Oh!By the way
I have receive a call from my senior college~!!
and the new students will have a party!!
so,I'll have a party this Saturday!!^^
Have a good day,guys~

~Happy Trip~

last Wednesday and Thursday,I had a trip ~
We went to village by train~
It just took about two hours to get there!!
We really had a lot of fun~~
Especially when taking a hot spring~~
It made me feel so relaxed and comfortable~~

In the evening,our dinner is barbecue!!
It was very delicious~~
However,we also climbed many stairs
It was really tired!!

Anyway,I really had a lot f fun~

The weather in Taiwan is still so hot~~
and my calculus class is well~
However,it is just a little hard for me

Have a great day,guys~

~Busy Week~

Last week,I was sooooooooo busy~~
I almost went out with my classmates everyday ^_^
We went to KTV,watch a exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci and eat out at a nice Japanese restaurant~~
Though I had busy days,I really had a lot of fun~~
Especially for the exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci!!!
He is such a great person!!!
I worship and respect for him so much!!!
For he is not only a artiest,but also a

Tomorrow,I will go to cram school to learn calculus
It's a part of college curriculum~~
In my university,I major in business management!!^_^

By the way,
The weather in Kaohsiung is sometimes sunny and sometimes rainy~~

Have a nice day~~

~~Free Days~~

Thesedays,it's always rainy in Taiwan~~
I don't like rain*-*
Rainy days let me drowsy and inconvenient~~

I felt so happy and relaxed~~
I can watch TV and see movie to my content~~
I also listen a lot of music which I love~~^-^
I haven't been so realxed for a long time~~~

Next week I will go to see a movie with my friend
I have been expected for it for a long time~~

~Have a nice day~

~~Come Back~~

I finally can take a breath these days~
Though I didn't enter the college I love most
But I still enter the college which I like^-^

In the past months,I was so tired and busy
Everyday,I had a lot of homework to do and always felt that I didn't have sufficienttime to use!!
It was really a hard time to me~~

Now,I can relax and do something I love to my content^-^
中興大學!!I am coming~~~

Have a nice day
~~About Myself~~
I have finished my midterm!!
and I will know my grades
I don't know how it will be
I am so afraid that I will do poor on my exam~~

Recently,I seem to understand something about life~~
I just a senior high school student,but I really realize something~~
"When a person know that there is still someone need him or her,
he or she would have courage to confront any difficulty"
It's my brief~~I absolutely agree this sentence~~

Actually,It seems that I become easier and easier crying~~
I really don't like that~~
I want to be much stronger.However,it seems too hard for me.........*-*
the reason why I don't like crying is that I always can't stand it
especially in my senior high............
I think,if I really couldn't help but cry,I must not cry in the school
For I really don't want to trouble others~~However,I can't do that...........

Now that I hate myself to be such a person,I have to try to find my way to overcome that,right?

No matter what difficulty or sadness I face,I must believe myself!!!!!!

Good Luck~~

~My Friendship~
These days,I cried so many times and felt so upset!!
I feel so sorry to my best friend*-*
I hurt her so many times,however,I really need her
She is still so nice to me~~
I feel ashamed~~

I really hope that she can be happy~~
Nevertheless,it seems that I always make her unhappy and cry~
But,I will never give up
Unless you want to go away.........


I have finished my Summer lessons~
It also means that my summer vacation will be ended soon!!
This is the last summer vacation in my senior high~
I want to treasure it!!
However,I have more and more pressure on my shoulder*-*
There will be an important entrance exam that I have to join
It decides which college I can enter!!
Actually,I feel very disappointed about my test last weeks

Though I have so much pressure to confront,yet I trust myself I will overcome ^-^

By the way
This Wednesday is a special holiday for lovers!!!!
It is 七夕
Valentine's Day in Chinese~~~

Have a nice day ~

~~~Karate Games~~~
Today,I went to see the Karate games.
I thought that the competition was so excititng^-^
The player all worked so hard and did their best
They were excellent~~

I also feel proud of the Taiwanese players!!
One of the Taiwanese player got hurt seriously
However,he didn't give up.
Finally he won the champaion!!!!!
He really did a good job!!

I will go to school tomorrow!!
Actually,I am on my summer vacation now
But,the senior high students still have to go to school
because they all want to get into their ideal college~
So,what I should do now is to study much harder~
Though the pressure will become more and more
I can't wait to see my classmates!!
especially my best friend=)XD!!!

Hope you guys will be happy forever~

I feel more and more pressure on my shoulder*-*
The exam gives me so much pressure..........
Sometimes,I really want to give up!!!
"Don't give up for everything easily,or you will feel sorry for yourself"
It's true,right?

What I should do now is to focus on my lessons

I hope I can do that.........

The other day,there was a birthday party at my cram school
at first,we sang songs,sent gift,and ate cake!!!
The cake was so beautiful and delicious =)
Then,some of us became crazy!!!!^-^
we have a lot of fun!!!!
It's really an amazing day~~~


There were four holidays this week in Taiwan!!
Becuse it's Dragon Boat Festival!!!
I have the introduction in"~All about Taiwan~"

On the first day,my family went out to restaurant
At frist,I expected that so much
however,we didn't go to the restaurant in the end
Because the people in that restaurant were too many!!
we went to another one insteaded!!But,it isn't good~~

I also went shopping with my sister
we bought cookies,shampoo

On the third day,I ate junk food such as McDonald's and KFC^-^
They are both delicious!!!

Have a nice day~

~~^-^ :D~~
The other day was our school opens first day!!
I felt so tired today!!
Because we have to prepare for six exams on the first day~~
Some of the subjects were hard and the others were easy!!
What makes me happy is that I can see my classmates^-^

Today is Valentine's Day~~
It's so romantic!!!
I am sooooo happy that I can recive a message from my best friend~~~
She is really a cute and lovely girl~~
Really Hope that we can be great friends forever!!!

Wish you happiness everyday~~

This Tuesday,there's a volleyball game in my senior hugh!!
Our class has won the game!!
We all felt excited and happy~~
I am a player,too
However,I am really not good at volleyball!!
sometimes,I felt so disappointed to myself!!
I hope,I can get better and better~~

By the way,
There will be an exam on 3/26 3/27
so I won't write article recently!!

Finally.Have a wonderful day~

This week....
I am a little sad these days~:(
Because our baseball team has lost 3 stanzas!!!!
Oh my God!!
I feel so disappointed~
I hope they will be able to get good grades in the contest~

I have finished my summer classes
But,I will be very busy in next weekend
I will be a junior sister in the school and I will lead senior sister and brother to know school~
I think it will be interesting!!
I expect for it~

yesterday,I went to see my cousin in military school
He is a soldier and so is my sister
I think they look so cool!!

晚安~(It means"Good night")

~Ni Hao~你好
I feel good these days^-^
Bcause my summer class is about to end~

I feel excited,too!!
Olympic has begun!!
I relly hope that Taiwan's team can get good grades~
Especially Baseball games

Oh!The title 你好 means Hello
It is Chinese~

Have cooooooooool days^-^
中華隊~ I love you~

~Wonderful Memory~
The other day,I joined a wonderful camping~
There,I learned a lot!!
Everyone there is so kind and cute!!
I like them so much!

But the weather there was always rainy,and we had to change our schedule all the time*-*
Yet,we still had fun there^-^
Oh,I also got hurt there,It is a little pain~

We attended class, played detective games,as well as held a dancing party!!!
the detective made me so scared!! It is so terrible!
I had a great time in the dancing party~
Everybody in the dancing party was so shy(Me,too)~哈哈

On the last night,everyone all cried,inclusive of me~
we all felt so sad~

Anyway,I really had a wonderful time there~

Have a nice day~

Last Friday,I came back my senior high to receive my report
Besids reciving report,I also saw my new classmates!!
They are kind~

I miss my old classmates,too
We always get together!!!To play basketball,volleyball....
We have fun all the time~
We divided into class because everyone has different interest and aspiration~
I really hope that the students in 104 will be excellent in the future!!



Today i want to introduce my family^-^
in my family,there are five people
i am the second children in my family
my dad,my mom,and my two sisters
first,talk about my dad
my dad is a little stern
he never say "i love you"
but i know he loves us very much

my mom is very unchary!!
she always forgets her keys
so she sometimes was scolded by my dad
she is a very good listener
As i feel sad she always listens to me what i said

my sisters are kind and funny!!
i am closed to them
but sometimes i fall out with my older sister
we'll be ok in seconds^-^

i have a very cute fmily


By the way
i will be busy some time,because i am a senior high school student now
i can't write articles much often like before
you might not be able to see my articles on time

I finally made up my mind!!!
I decided to major in Society~

I thinked about it for a long time~
Because it is really hard to make the decision between the Science and Society~
Now,I have finished it!!!
It is going to be the second year in my senior high~
I hope I will be better and better~

Just be myself~

i finally finish my report
it's so tired
the report which i have finished is about Austria
Austria is a very bautiful contury
i love it though i have never gone there
the Austria'landscapes let me impressiveness
in the future
i hope i can have chance to go to Austria


~Mother's Day~
I finally have finished my midterm~
I will know my grades tomorrow~
I consider that it is so excited~

This weekend are special!
It is Mother's day!!!
In this day,we have to thank our mom for their hard working~
I think that they are really hard~
we also ate a cake,it was very delicious~

The other day,I also listened a speech
it is about Chinese composition~
I think that I learn a lot~
The speaker was so great~


How do you think about"Friend"?

I think a friend is someone who always care about us~
when we need someone to cry on,he(she) will be always by our side~
When we need room to be along,he(she) will step aside~

I consider that it is hard to find true friends~

We are able to share our bad things or good things to our friends~

Just like what Shakespeare said:
Friendship is constant in all other things
Save in the office and affairs of love.~

Here is a well-known saying which I love so much
A friend in need is a friend indeeded.~

Charish Friendship

~Happy and confused~
I felt happy this week!!!
In my technology class
we made a variety of log products!!
I chose the log cabin~
I think it is so beautiful as well as banausic!
Because it can be a tissue box,a bookshelf and it has a drawer
I really like my log cabin~~

I also felt confused recently~
In Taiwan's educate system,when they are going to be second grade in senior high
students have to choose which they will major in between the science and social
I am not sure which is I prefer to major in now?!
I envy some of my classmates!!
They have desided what is they want!!!
Hope I can as soon as posible to make my decision~

Play the last card~

I love you~Canon~
My midterm is over!!!!
I feel so relaxed!!

Our music class is sooooo great!
the teacher introduce us a song called Canon!!!
Canon has a lot of editions~
I think canon made from Pachelbel Johann is the best!!
You can hear Canon every where

Pachelbel Johann is a very remarkable musician!
but he and his music don't be protected very well~
It is a pity~
I really really love Canon
it sounds very comfortable~

Thw weather in Taiwan is hotter and hotter!
Taiwan is a clear season country!!
Summer is very hot and Winter is very cold~

Anyway,I am very happy that i can see you~Guys

Pachelbel and Canon~
U R the best~

HAPPY or SAD.....I don't know.....
I really don't know how to express my feelings now
I have mixed feelings....

Today,it is my birthday
I should be happy and excited
but,i am not
Because I just heard a bad news yesterday

My nuncle died yesterday
when i heard the news,i was so astonished
I hope so much that it is a drem!!!

My aunt cried and cried again
If there is a God,I would like to ask God
my auncle is such a kind man
I really don't understand!!!

My dad and mom told me that we should be comforting
Maybe,it is the best for nuncle

Now,I only hope unucle will be well in the other world~
I sure of it........



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