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I want to introduce a Korean drama for you~~
I love this drama soooooo much!!!=)

This drama is called" 原來是美男"
The story is told about a girl dressed up a boy
She is pretending her twins brother!!
For helping her brother realize his dream~~
So,"she" joins a musical group
This musical group has three memebers originally
They are all boys!!!

Then,"her"coming let a story about Friendship&Love is begining..........

I have to say,I really love this drama!!!! XDD
"原來是美男" is soooooo great!!
It's worth to see!!!


~Nodame Cantabile~

Do you have ever watched"Nodame Cantabile"?
It's a drama about music and love........

This drama is from Japan
The heroine is such a cute and innocent girl~~
She loves to play piano so much and she just wants to become a piano teacher someday
However,everything is going to be changed when someone finds out that this girl has talented in playing...........
The hero is such a strict student
He is good at plaing piano and violin
His dream is to be a distinguished conductor
Neverless,he is so scared to take a fly............

The hero is called千秋 真一"He is soooooooo handsome!!!
The heroine is called"上野 樹理"She is sooooooooo cute!!!

I really love "Nodame Cantabile"
You must to see it
By the way
It has movie version!!!


~Meteor Garden~
Meteor Garden is a very great program!!
I think it is enchanting~

This play is told about a girl between four boys~~
They are all senior high students~~
The four boys called"F4" and one of them(Gu jun pyo)love the girl(Geum jan di)very much~~
another one(Yun ji hu) seems to like this girl,too........

掘遽ル(Gu jun pyo) is a very self-righteous person
but he change his personality for the girl!!

旎濤蛤(Geum jan di) is a girl who is very kind,sweet-heart and cute
she is the only student who isn't afraid of"F4"!!!

~~It is really a excellent program!!~~
~You have to watch it^-^~

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~ ikemen paradise ~
Now,it is summer vacation in Taiwan!!^-^
So,I have free time to watch the drama which I like~
And,"Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~ ikemen paradise ~"is one of my favorite dramas~

"Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~ ikemen paradise ~ "is a Japanese play
This story talk about a senior high school which is all BOY!!!!
It means that just boy can enter this high school
One day,There is a transfer student who is ready for coming this high school
He is a "GIRL"..........

Next,This high school will take place a lot of interesting things~~!!^-^

I think this drama is very great!!!
It is funny as well as affecting~
I really love it!!!

Loved Drama~

~Happy and Confuced~
I am very happy!!!
Because I got a second in the speech contest~
I am proud of myself~

I consider that I didn't do well in the midterm *-*
I also confront a big problem!
In Taiwan,students have to choose which subject they will major in?!(Science or Society)
I think it is so hard~

The other day,I saw a great movie called"200 Pounds Beauty"!!
It's really excellent~
The song is so affecting~~

Finally,Have a nice day~

The other day
i went to see the movie called” National Treasure” with my friends~
it is the first time that i enter the movie theater!!
i feeeelt so excited!!
we also ate popcorn
it is so delicious!!!

John Wilkes Booth was the man who killed US President Abraham Lincoln in 1865.When Booth's diary was found,18 pages were gone.Mysteriously,one of the pages suddenly turns up. It says that Benjamin Gates'great-great-grandfather was one of the men who helped plan how to kill Licol.Gates is sure that his ancestor is innocent, and he sets out to prove it.Durning his search for the truth, he makes a discovery that the world isn't ready for.......(this paragraphs is excerpted from IVY magazine)

This movie's leading role: Benjamin Gates is played by Nicolas Cage
I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^-^
his acting is so excellent!!!!

I promise the"TREASURE" will certainly AMAZE YOU~
if you want to know the"TREASURE"
Just CHECK OUT National Treasure: Book of Secrets!!

Wonderful movie

Have You Ever Seen"The Parent Trap"?!

I have gone to English club some times
i think it is so interesting~!
by this club,i knew the movie called"The Parent Trap"
it describes about the TWINS
the one called Hallie, the other called Annie

The twins who have never seen each other before
until they all join the summer camp
they know that they are twins by accident
Hallie has never seen her mother and Annie has never seen her father
so they decide to change their identities
an interesting story just begin..........

This movie is reproduced from" Parent Trap"in 1998
and the"twins" are the same actress called Lindsay Lohan
in the movie,she has an excellent acting!!


She is my favorite singer!!!
she is really really excellent~

Though she was born in Korea
she can speak Korean,Japanese as well as English~

When she issued her first record
she obtained a lot of reply!!!
I am very proud of her
She do a good job~
she also cooperated with Westlife~

Following is her introdution:
Blood type:AB
Interset:singing,dancing,watching movie
Skill:singing,hip hop dancing,Korean,English
Found music:R&B,Hip Hop

I think she works hard~
and just like what she said:Do one's best!!!

Hi! this is my favorite actor
he is from Korea he was a model before
i love his acting and his special behavior

this is my favoraite model Nicole Linkletter she is so beautiful isn'she
i get Nicole because her
i love her
she is working-hard to be a model
she is only 22 years old
she joined ANTM contest she got a chanpion
by the way the ANTM is to train a super model this is a very good program
you can try!!!


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