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"Camp Rock"is a very cool movie~
It's from Disney Channel,too!!

It tells about a girl who loves music so much~
But,she dosen't have confidence in herself,she even tells the lie at first
At last,she find herself!!
She also help a boy to find the music in his mind.....

This movie's actors include Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato
They are really excellent!!!

"Camp Rock"is a really cool movie
You can't miss it!!!
So cooooool~

WOW WOW WO ~~ Yeah Yeah Yeah
i really don't know how to describe my frame of mind
the High School Musical is so excellent
the song is touched me and so imepressive
you really have to see it

Their song,story,dance is much more different then High School Musical
the High School Musical 2 accede to more new idea
it is so excited!!!

altogether their zeal can't be ward off!!!


Chad(Corbin Bleu)

Taylor(Monique Coleman)

Sharpay(Ashley Tisdale)

Ryan(Lucas Grabeel)

Gabriella(Vanessa Anne Hudgens )

Troy(Zac Efron)

Have you ever heard Music High School?
it is a very good movie
it describe 2 senior high school students
they didn't know each other before
in a new year,a church hold a party for young people
in this party,they are chose to go up onto the platform to sing
by singing,they undersand each other.................

Now the Music High School at hand detrude the secend
only on Disney channel
in America,Europe broadcast time is 8/17
in Taiwan broadcast time is 9/24


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