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China has the biggest wall in the world
and if look further you will learn mre about the Great Wall Of China.

This is Mount Tai

This is Summer Palace

This is the great wall of China

This is the Forbidden City
mount Tai
Mount Tai has great significance and is one amongst the many famous places in China. It is located on the northern side of Tai'an. This place is known to have beautiful species of trees that are also of religious significance. At the foot of Mount Tai, one can see the Temple of the God of Mount Tai. This is also known as the Dai Miao or the Dai Temple built during the Qin Dynasty.

Summer Palace
The Summer Palace is a beautiful palace that is located in Beijing, China. The Summer Palace is also on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list! The beautiful landscape design and the exquisite architecture are a few reasons why this place is so popular and revered. This beautiful structure can be accessed from various areas of Beijing.

Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China continues to attract millions of visitors from around the world. Many parts of this wall have been restored recently. Even then, certain parts are in a dilapidated condition. This wall was mainly built to prevent attacks from the Xiongu dynasty. It was continuously rebuilt and underwent maintenance particularly during the 6th century B.C. to the 16th century. This wall extends to a length of over 6,400 km! There are many areas of interest along the Great Wall of China such as the North Pass, the West Pass etc.

Forbidden City
The Forbidden City is yet another famous place in China. This imperial place was built during the period of 1406 to 1420. Today, the Forbidden City holds the Palace Museum. This place also has some collections that are highly prized and valuable. The Palace Museum has a beautiful collection of over 340,000 pieces of ceramics as well as porcelain. Apart from this, there are some exquisite artworks and bronze work that dates back to the Shang Dynasty. It also includes over 30,000 pieces in jade from the Ming and Qing Dynasty.

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