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Hey People now I'm going to tell you about Japan did you know Japan's flag is white and has a huge red dot in the middle any way here's what I have to say...

This is the Great Buddha of Kamakura

This is the Akashi kaikyo suspension bridge

This is the Heian Shrine

This is the Himeji Castle

This is the Nintoku mausoleum
Daibusti- Great buddah of Kamakura
The statue was found in the year 1252, but the tsunami tidal wave wiped it out in the 15th century. The statue now lies open with no roof, the buddah is 13.5 metres tall weighing about 92.1 tons.

Kiyomizu Temple
Did you know when they built this they did not use one nail, in the year 768 was when it was built. It is named from the waterfall inside it, it is also known as clear or pure water Temple.

Akashi Kaikyo Suspension Bridge
The bridge is also called the 'pearl Bridge'. It is the longest bridge in the world with the length of 3911 meters. Did you know before the bridge was built boats and ships used to carry passengers and vehicles across the Akashi strait.

Himeji Castle
The catle contains 83 buildings which are made with wood. Norimura Akamatsu was the ruler in 1333 he constructed a fort where the castle stood. During the Onin wars the castle was severly damaged.

Nintoku Musoleum
the Nintoku musoleum is the largest musoleum in Japan. The musoleum was built in the 15th Century in the name of Emperor Nintoku, the musoleum cover about 1.3 million square feet.

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