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Did you know there are over 50 famous places in Thailand?
And heres just some somoe of them...

This is Bangkok

This is Pai

This is Chiang Dao

This is Ban Khao Lak
Bangkok is a city and is known as the 'city of angels'. Bangkok is city full of exotic flowers such as orchids, bougainvillea, and frangipani bloom. The city is a riot of colors, thanks to its vibrant architecture, fruits and spices in the market, as well as the clothing of the locals. The sights and sounds of the city may make you forget all about sightseeing here. But you will have to come out of the Thai reverie, so that you don’t miss out on other equally compelling aspects of the city.

831km (515 miles) NW of Bangkok; 135km (84 miles) NW of Chiang Mai
Halfway between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son, the mountain road makes a winding descent into a large green valley carpeted

Chiang Dao
Chiang Mai owes her existence to the Ping River. The river provided the route along which the power of Chiang Mai could be extended beyond the wall of mountains that surrounded the valley; it was a channel for trade from China [See "Trade Links with China"] and Burma to the Gulf of Siam. The wide, fertile valley was able to support a large number of people, the basis of political power in the feudal kingdom of Lanna (the million fields).

Ban Khao Lak
Ban Khao Lak, with a latitude of 8.62 (8° 37' 0 N) and a longitude of 98.25 (98° 15' 0 E), is a populated place located in the area / state of Phangnga in Thailand that is a part of Asia.

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