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Pictures of the world around us - Egypt

Did you know that Egypt has pyramids you can live in?
And theres people that live with the dead.

This is the city of the dead

This is the Esna Temple

This is Philae Island

This is the Pyramids of Giza
City of the dead
did you know about 5 million people live in the city of the dead. The people that live there live in tombs with a sleeping room and they can use a grave marker for a desk to hold food and items. Or you can live in the mausoleum serves as shelter from rain and sun. The people hung wires from gravestone to gravestone and use them to dry the clothes.

Esna Temple
Esna Temple is built in Ancient Latapolis, about 485 mi south of Cairo. The roof of the building holds an interesting representation of ancient Egyptian astronomy. It supported by 6 sturdy columns decorated with floral patterns of which still holds faint original color.

Philae Island
Philae is an island in the Nile River with rich vegetation, lovely flowers and magnificent temples. Because of its beauty and abundance, it was rightfully once called the ‘pearl of Egypt’. Philae derived its name from the Egyptian ‘Pi-lak’, which the Greeks later changed to ‘Philai’, while the Arabs called it Bilak.

Pyramids of Giza
Egypt has more than 100 pyramids that are spread all over the country. These pyramid structures are made up of sandstone brick. The pyramids were built for the rulers of Egypt. The first pyramid that was built in Egypt was the Pyramid of Djoser during the third dynasty.

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