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In this segment I will be writing about the different tricks that you can teach to your dog. I hope that this helps!

The Basics

Trick One: Sit
1. Hold a treat in front of your dog's nose while raising the treat above your dog's head in an upward motion. Your dog should try to follow the treat with it's head.
2. As your dog's head goes up, your dog's rear should move to the floor. Be patient. If your dog is young, he/she will get confused frequently. If you push your dog's rear to the floor, it will confuse your dog and he/she will not do what you ask. Encourage your dog with praise.
3. When your dog put's his/her rear on the floor, give him/her the treat and a lot of praise to show him/her that he/she did what he/she was supposed to do.

Trick Two: Stay
1. Ask your dog to "sit", and extend your hand while taking a small step away from your dog, keeping eye contact. This will start to show your dog what the hand signal for the "stay" position is.
2. Wait a few second, then hold your palm flat and say "stay" in a serious tone before you step back towards your dog. If your dog remains in the sit position, give him/her the treat and a lot of praise. If your dog moves, don't worry-wait a couple seconds and then try again, and take your dog back to the sitting position that you started with.
3. When your dog is reliably staying in a position, continue to say "stay" while taking steps back. Keep using the hand signal, so that your dog will remain in a sitting position.

Trick Three: Lay Down
1. From the "sit" position, get your dog's attention with a treat that you hold in front of you. Make sure it is a tasty treat that your dog will do anything to get, because your dog will have to follow the morsel to the floor.
2. Slowly move your hand with the treat down toward the floor. Your dog should follow it while lowering his/her body on the way to lying down. Don't worry if your dog doesn't lie down immediately-you must wait with the treat on the floor until your dog completely follows it into the lying down position. Only release the treat when your dog is down, then give your dog a lot of praise afterwords.
3. Keep repeating the steps until your dog happily lies down on the floor every time you give tell him/her to. Then start using the command "down" or "lay down" or "lay", remembering to give your dog a treat and lots of praise every time he/she does what he/she is supposed to do. Gradually take time before releasing the treat so that your dog will learn to focus and be patient.

Trick Four: Come
1. In a quiet area, get your dog's attention with a tasty treat in your hand. Show your dog the treat in your hand and then gradually move away. Your dog should start to follow you(or the treat anyway!)
2. Use your dog's name and the world "come" as you gradually move away. Encourage your dog with a treat and a lot of fuss when your dog moves closer to you. This teaches your dog that it is fun, exciting, and rewarding practice the reg when he/she does the given command correctly.
3. Repeat steps on and two until your dog is coming back to you when you call. Try it without the treat in your hand. Your dog should come forward on command, allowing you to shower him with praise for being so clever! Gradually practice the recall in different places, teaching your dog to respond even when your dog is being distracted.

Trick Five: Drop It, Leave It
1. Wait until our dog has chosen a toy, and it is in his/her mouth. Make sure you have a treat in your hand.
At this stage, make it easy on yourself and only use a toy that your dog will happily give up!
2. Once your dog shows interest in the treat that is in your hand, the toy should naturally "drop". As this happens, pick up the toy and at the same time give your dog the treat that you have and plenty of praise.
3. Once your dog starts to drop the toy reliably, add the command "drop it". Then you can progress with this exercise by asking your dog to "drop it" without providing a treat, but simply pointed to the ground. Always reward your dog after he/she drops the toy. Your dog will soon be happy to swap any item for something that you have.

Simple Favorites

Trick One: Go Fetch
1.Tease your dog playfully with a favorite toy by moving it around on the floor just out of his/her reach. When your dog goes to pick up the toy, say "good boy!" or "good girl!", offering a treat to him/her.
2.Throw the toy and, using a lot of praise, encourage your dog to bring the toy back to you. Make sure to give your dog a treat if he/she brings the toy back. When your dog is reliably retrieving the toy, add the command, "fetch".
3. If your dog already knows the "drop" command, use this when your dog returns the toy to you, and offer a treat and praise. If your dog really enjoys the fetch game, offer an additional reward by throwing the toy each time it is brought back to you successfully. You will be shocked at how long that this game will go on!

Trick Two: Shake
1. Ask your dog to "sit", and then hold a treat in a closed fist in front of your dog just below his/her nose. Your dog should start to show interest in the food and try to get it out of your hand.
2. Your dog may sniff and lick your hand at first, but will eventually try to get the treat. If your dog raises his/her paw at all, offer loads of praise and encouragement with your voice.
3. When your dog touches your hand with a paw, open it, revealing the treat(which will be eaten quickly of course). Repeat the first to steps until your dog is reliably lifting a paw to your hand. Now start adding the "shake hands" command. To complete the trick, put your hand out without the treat and ask to "shake hands".

Trick Three: Speak
1. Show your dog a favorite toy and keep it out of reach. Your do may start to get excited and jump to get the toy. Make sure you hold the toy tight and keep it out of your dog's reach.
2. Your dog should become more frustrated and may bark. At this point, give your dog loads of praise. It may take time for the barking to begin, so be patient!
3. Reward your dog for barking by finally offering the toy and playing a game. Repeat the first two steps until your dog starts to bark as soon as you withhold the toy. Now you can add the command "speak". It is important to match this trick with the command quickly, because you don't want the your dog to learn to bark in other situations.

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