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Horses are very fun animals. A lot of people like to ride horses, but some people don't. Horses shouldn't just be appreciated for running around with someone on their back. They are very affectionate animals, and they should be treated nicely. Horses have eyes on the sides of their head, so they cannot see straight in front of them. The proper way to approach a horse is to put your hand on their back, and then come to the side of them. Horses can be spooked if you approach the back or front of them, because they cannot see you there. You shouldn't take this for an advantage, because it is mean to use animal's weaknesses against them. Horses can range in colors and breeds. Some breeds are: Appaloosa, Paint Horse, Pinto, Friesian, and Hanoverian. Some colors are: black, spotted, white, tan, brown, dun, and splotched. Some horses act differently, so if one horse likes to pull a cart, do not expect the other horse to automatically want to pull the cart. No two horses are exactly alike. The food for a horse is: oats, grass, carrots, apples, and you should occasionally treat them to a sugar cube. Make sure that your horse has a stable, but allow your horse to go outside on sunny days. Thank you for reading my blog and remember, always treat your horse nicely, because they deserve it.

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