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Owls are very intelligent birds. There are many different types of owls. Some of them are: snowy owl, barred owl, barn owl, great grey owl, burrowing owl, and elf owl. All of them have a very unique lifestyle. Owls have a series of bones locked around their eyes making it so that they can not move their eyes. Instead of moving their eyes to see around them, they can turn their heads three quarters of the way around. Owls have excellent hearing, which makes them able to hear the scuffling of paws of mice on the ground. Once the owl eats a mouse, they will cough up a pellet. A pellet has mouse fur and bones in a little packet. Each kind of owl has their own qualities. The barn owl is known for the silent flight and their excellent hearing. Owls are nocturnal, so the best time to look for an owl is during night time. When you see an owl, make sure not to make a bunch of noise. Remember, when you see an owl in it's nest, it's in it's home, and you shouldn't disturb it!

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