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Dogs are, in my opinion, the center of the human's attention. A man's best friend has turned into a world's best friend. They have given us love, affection, and a few of their peaceful naps, to keep us content. Of course they expect love, affection, and a few peaceful naps in return. They need food, water, and a place to get time away from us. They do most of the things that we ask them to, even when they are thinking, "No, if I drop the ball, you are just going to throw it again!" Secretly, they love chasing the ball, even if it pushes them to the point that they have to walk to get it! When you are taking a walk with your dog, they will do several things. They will either: run faster than you, walk slower than you, pull you in the opposite direction that you want to go in, or walk at your pace in your direction.
To find your perfect dog, you must consider the following: how big is your house or apartment, do you have a big yard, do you have a place for your dog to sleep, do you have food and water for your dog, do you have enough time for your dog, and if you have an apartment, do they allow dogs, and finally, what kind of dog do you want? Once you have answered these questions, go to a local pet store or shelter and find a dog that follow the guidelines of your answer. Make sure that if you have children or other pets that the dog that you choose is not aggressive towards either of them. Once you pick your dog, make sure he/she has been spayed or neutered. Then you can get a collar, leash, food and water bowl, food and water, a bed for your dog, and a couple of toys for your dog to entertain itself with.
Once your dog is home, he/she will not behave like someone who has lived in your house all of his/her life. If he/she is just a puppy, they will not know all the rules of the household he/she is living in. If he/she is very young, he/she might chew on your shoes or climb on the furniture. He/she will probably not be potty trained unless they had been taught before. It will take a while for your new dog to learn that you are the top dog if he/she just moved in. Sometimes dogs don't listen to their owners because they sense danger. Once your dog gets used to the new house he/she is in, you should start teaching your dog the basic tricks. The basic tricks are: coming when they are called by their name, sit, stay, lay down, speak, and fetch. Do not yell at your dog if he/she does not get it right. Praise your dog when he/she makes and attempt to do the trick that you asked them to do. When your dog has learned all of the basic tricks, you can teach him/her to do the more advanced tricks like: jump up, crawl, or open the door. Different dogs like different things, so don't push your dog to much when he/she doesn't like what you like. Remember: Dogs are just like us, and they deserve to be treated respectfully!:):):)

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