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The Missions

Here are some of the many missions the team has gone on.

This was one of the first missions. This particular mission was about The Ice King capturing Lumpy Space Princess. It started out with Aang and Princess Bubblegum. Together, they formed a team. They needed a a lot of help defeating the Ice King and many other bad guys. Soon, Marceline, Finn, Mordecai, Sokka,Katara, Toph, Zuko, Rigby,Pops, Ash Ketchum, and Jake joined the team. This was the very first mission. It started out in Ooo, at the tree house. Everybody was meeting each other and getting to know each other. One night Mordecai, Rigby, and Ash sneaked off to the arcade! Then, they headed out to The Ice Kingdom on Mordecai's golf cart. It was extremely epic! The cart flew accross the tree house to The Ice Kingdom. As soon as they reached The Ice Kingdom, Ice King captured Princess Bubblegum AND Katara! It all ended when Ice King had a firce battle with Aang. They ended up freeing Lumpy Space Princess, but unfortunately, Katara and Princess Bubblegum were held captive at Ice King's place. A team member never really came back to the missions- Ash Ketchum. Princess Bubblegum had a bit of a crush on him too.

The characters go to the Avatar:The Last Airbender world! Katara and Princess Bubblegum have been kidnapped by Ice King. But at the same time, something else is linked-other benders disappearing the raids of strange, evil robots and machines. Aang is in the lead of the team now, and they travel all over the Avatar world to solve the mysteries that lie ahead. They begin in the Northern Water Tribe, were they go through caves, fighting off wolves in search of the missing waterbender, Hyriu. The only things they find was Hyriu's water pouch and a very odd machine gear. They help poor people around the village, then defend it when the Fire Nation attacks. They decide they have to go to Omashu, and maybe King Bumi, king of the Earth Kingdom, can help them sort things out. They fight a gigantic machine that blocked their path to Appa, then traveled to the Earth Kingdom. They go to Bumi, who tells them that he got a letter from Ice King and a non-bender woman named Lian, or the Maker, who has been making machines and inviting Aang to her league by saying in the letter she is in a town southeast of Omashu and is in the caves to the northeast of the village. They go there, battling machines on their way, then Katara joins their team again. Lian appears and explains that they must join her team and die, and she wants the war between the Fire Nation and the world to end by "evening the playing field", which is destroying all benders! Aang says no, and then Lian makes them fight a giant tank called Prototype Dreadnought. They beat it, then find out they have to go to an abandoned Air Nomad town where Lian's fortress is. Along the way, robots pick up the characters when they are flying on Appa and Lady Rainicorn to be Lian's prisoners! Only Aang, Marcaline, Darwin and Mordecai stay safe. They go to the fortress, rescue the others(along the way Katara beat Ice King's butt!!), fight Dreadnought(the finished version), rescue PB, and finally fight Lian's ultimate machine, the Galaxia, which can use all four elements as its weapon. The machine hurts Katara, causing Aang to be enraged and go into the Avatar State, and defeat the machine once and for all! Later on, Aang and his team put Lian in an Earth Kingdom prison, and she stays there for life. The battles have been finished, and there is peace-all except the war between the Fire Nation and the world continues.

Mission #3
Princess Bubblegum has left the team alone to see how they use their skills in this mission. So, the team headed to the Regular Show world. Benson, the park manager, assigned each person with a job. From Gumball struggling to plant a tree to raking leaves, they all found out that life at the park was hard, just as Mordecai and Rigby had explained. While the others were working on their assigned jobs, Mordecai, Rigby, Finn, and the Avatars were painting Skips's garage. When Mordecai found out that they didn't have the right paint, they had to make a run downtown to get some paint. Alas, Muscle Man appeared. He desperately wanted Katara to be his babe. But, of course, Katara refused! Muscle Man, angered by the fact, leaped on the cart and tried to get them! But they luckily escaped, with Finn slipping and sliding in the rear of the cart. When they couldn't find the paint, they thought they were doomed. Luckily, Katara found some paint at a vendor. So, they headed back home to paint the garage. Muscle Man accidentally splattered paint all over the garage while showing off to Katara, so Katara used her water bending skills to get the garage back to his former glory. Benson found out, and almost fired the Avatar characters! But Pops prevented that from happening. Benson usually always has another plan, so he banned them from using the powers they were BORN to do! It was hopeless. After that, Daffy invited them all to dinner. Everyone settled on the cafe, where Margaret and Eileen worked. Since everybody was going crazy, Mordecai was embarrassed in front of Margaret with his crazy friends. So, he and Rigby went into the bathroom and talked. Everybody wondered where they were, so Finn smashed the door open. Feeling humiliated, Mordecai left the cafe. Jake, feeling extremely bored, suggested having a party back at the house. Well, the party turned out to be pretty wild. Jake broke the video game, Taz, Rigby, and others ripped up Mordecai's poster, and Flame Princess burnt the roof, while Finn egged her on, chanting "Burn baby, burn! To inferno and beyond!" Rigby then got Skips to come and repair the roof so Benson and Mordecai wouldn't know what happened. Just then, an evil lord-the Roof Lord appeared! The team had to find a way to defeat Roof Lord. Skips meditated, while Rigby, Katara, Raven,Aang, and the rest tried finding a way to defeat him. Unfortunately, Aang got defeated in a duel with Roof Lord and was seriously injured. Soon enough, Princess Bubblegum called to see if everyone was alright. Katara explained, and Princess Bubblegum gave Katara a potion to defeat the Roof Lord through Skips's meditation. Soon enough, the team had defeated Roof Lord once and for all! The only bad thing was that Aang was seriously hurt. So, in the morning, the team said goodbye to Benson, Muscle Man, and Skips. Mordecai still hadn't found out about Roof Lord. Before time ran out, Muscle Man went up to Katara, saying "I love you babe" and hugged her. After a moment of disgust, the team hurried back to the tree house. While Aang was resting, Princess Bubblegum came back. She rushed into Aang's sleeping quarters, seeing Katara at his bedside. Soon enough, they both helped Aang, and he lived. All was well, until the Avatar's said they had to leave because of an important mission. So, with Robin as the new leader, the rest of the team was left alone to complete the next misson in the Johnny Test world.

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