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Worst Problem Facing Teens

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I think the worst problem facing teens is their hormones because it causes them to be emotional, get offened easily, and maybe some other stuff. They can get upset easily by a comment or in an arguement.
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What I think are the Most Important Qualities in a Friend

I think the most important qualities in a friend are someone who would be friends with you for just the way you are and vice versa because you don't need to change to please someone. Another quality is they would be with you in good or bad times because they're your friend. The quality of honesty is important because it's important to be able to trust friends. Another important quality is trust so they know they can trust you. The quality of enjoyment is important in a friend because if they don't like you being their friend that's not good.
College and Career Plans

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After high school I am planning to go to a four year college. I'm going to study to be a background layout artist. That is someone who does the background in animated movies. I'll write Young Adult fiction books in my spare time.
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Greatest Invention

The world's greatest invention is paper. It's the greatest because you can write down stuff. I can make it into things like something to keep smaller papers in, envolopes, and airplanes. I can draw on it. Paper is good for useful, and entertainment ways. It's recylable. You can put down ideas on it.
The Second Greatest Invention

The second greatest invention is a pencil. With a pencil, you can write on the paper. When you write you can express your thoughts and imagination.
7 Questions for the President

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What are your goals as president?
Why did you run for president?
When are you going to make some of your promises matter?
Who is your inspiration in daily life?
Where do you think in America needs change?
If you could go back and change something what would it be?
How do you balance your duties?
[picture not found] My Scariest Experience [picture not found]

My scariest experience was when my foot started to fall asleep. I was in my room by myself. I had never had my foot fall asleep before. I felt a pain in my foot. I thought I was starting to die. Turns out it was just my foot falling asleep.
My Funniest Experience

My funniest experience was when I got tickled on picture day. I was in 4th grade. Someone in front or behind me discovered I was ticklish. Then people in front and behind me started tickling me. I laughed so hard I was rolling around on the ground. They still did it. A classmate held me up so I wouldn't start rolling again.
I think that people shouldn't go over their screen time. Though it's okay to enjoy some.
Sometimes it's worthless to watch tv.
I don't think it's good to hold grudges. You're just being angry. Sometimes people change.
I play two instruments. One is in the viola and one is the piano. Playing instruments can be fun because I can play stuff I've heard before or want to or learn something new. Sometimes it's fun to practice and sometimes I don't want to. It's interesting to learn new songs. Sometimes I can learn songs I've heard. Through my experience, I have gained appreciation for professional musicians and the performing arts.
Could you take some of your time to answer the last 3 questions on the survey?


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