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The Truth About Guinea Pigs
Guinea pigs can have various color fur. They are different shapes and sizes depending on how long they've lived and how much they've ate. Their fur may be white with black spots, brown with light brown spots, gray and black with white fur and other combinations.

According to Petsmart, they can live up to 5-7 yrs. Unlike hamsters, they can't use a wheel or they'll break their back. Guinea pigs eat Guinea pig food and like all living things, they need water. They need a source of vitamin C everyday so, they can eat carrots or oranges. Some brands of their hay have carrots in them. My Guinea pig loves to eat a handful of hay every once in a while.

The guinea pigs in G-force are not an accurate portrayal of their species.
What Pluto Really is
(the one in outer space)
Pluto used to be classifyed as the 9th planet. The order of the planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and then Neptune. All of the planets except for Earth and Uranus are named after Roman gods. Uranus is named after a Greek god. Because of their orbit, after a certain amount of years, Pluto and Neptune switch from the "9th" and 8th planet to the 8th and "9th".

In the book, Our Solar System by Seymour Simon, it's stated that a young American astronomer named Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto in February 1930. Pluto is made out of methane, water with rocks, and has an atmosphere of methane gas. It is less than two-thirds the size of Earth's moon.

Since Pluto is very small and unusually shaped, some scientist didn't think it really was a planet. After this conference between scientists, it was decided that Pluto is a dwarf planet.

I got all of this information from julvenile non-fiction books in the astronomy section.
I'm glad that Pluto is classifyed as a Plutoid object rather then a dwarf planet because Pluto is sort of like a planet and it has its difference.
Events in Astronomy History
Did you see Venus's transit? If you don't speak science then you should know I mean a dark circle moving across the sun. That's Venus, our second planet. It's supposed to happen around every 109 years or some number around that. Venus's transit was "forecast" to happen around 6:00PM something on the North America side of the globe. It was supposed to happen around 8:00AM the next day on th Europe, Asia side of the globe. Any lucky people living in the artic got to see it all day.

Unfortunely, in my part of the US it was cloudy so we didn't have a chance of seeing it.
Week of April 22nd 2013- meteor shower
April 15, 2014
At around 3 am, a lunar eclipse occurred.
Navigation of the Internet
Those of you with Comcast, you know how when you open up the internet explorer there's news stories under the search box about random topics? Well one day I found an outrageous one. To summarize, it said that milk increases chances of osteoporous in women and blocks calcium from reaching your body. That is completely the opposite of what trustable doctors say. What was the author thinking?
Have you ever looked up a topic you wanted to know about instead of asking your parents or a teacher? I've done it a couple times and the results are interesting.

Try looking up the capacity of the human memory on the internet. I found there are three types of memory, not one. They are short term, long term, and sensory. If you want to know more, go look it up!

The Washington Post and New York Times website have some of the best news articles. There are some hot off the press. If you're fascinated by current events or the news today, check it out!

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