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Ender's Game

With many familiar faces such as Harrison Ford and the male leading actor of Hugo, Ender's Game was an accurate portrayal of the book that had its own flair. It simplifies the logical thought filled scenes into an emotional story that flows easily into the viewer's mind. I enjoyed that the motion picture took memories and characters in the book that weren't well described or represented and gave them a moment.
Tron Legacy (remake)

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, I'd say 9. The story plot wasn't too slow but a little hard to follow sometimes. It has some similarities to the original version. This one is more like a sequel to it. I think this one is better than the original movie. Sam, the son of the character Jeff Bridges plays in the movie is the main character in this story.

If you're curious to know the details about the movie then I'll tell you. Sam's father disappear when he was young. His father was the head of a computer company. Then one day a friend of his father's tells him that his father sent him a message from the arcade he owned. Sam goes to the arcade to read it and ends up in the world of Tron.

Super 8
This movie is about when Joe and his friends are making a movie and they witness something. Then weird events start happening to their town like dogs go missing, power outages, and people disappearing.

Super 8 is suspenseful. You may not understand what's happening in the beginning, but in the end you'll be rooting for the main characters.
Comments about Great Kids Movies

Air-Buddies is a great movie because Air-Bud has puppies and they get into all sorts of miscief.
I like the movie Mulan because she secretly takes her father's place in the army because he's kind of old and she was brave enough to do it.
I enjoyed G-Force because it was about these hamsters that are sort of like secret agents that have to try to prove they weren't investigating for nothing.
My Top 3 Favorite Movies
1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
2. Alice in Wonderland (recent version-noncartoon)
3. Thunderbirds


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