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Hello! My name is Natalia. I am from Ukraine. I work at the secondary school 7 in the town of Bakhmut and run this website. My students and I want to tell the world about Ukraine and share information about our school life.
Welcome to school 7 in Bakhmut!

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Hello, everyone!
We are schoolchildren from Ukraine, a marvellous country in Eastern Europe.
You can find more information about Ukraine
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We would like to find penpals from other countries!

Ukraine is a wonderful country.
It consists of 24 oblasts (regions).

Anastasiia Mosiienko,
a student of Bakhmut Secondary school

Hanna Savostina, a student of Bakhmut secondary school 7
We live in the town of Bakhmut.
Even though it is not very big, Bakhmut is very beautiful.

We decided to ask our students about their native town.
Natalia: What is your native town famous for?
Kyrylo: Bakhmut is known for its rich history
Anastasiia: Bakhmut is famous for its incredibly beautiful places and ancient buildings.
Natalia: What outstanding people lived here?
Anastasiia: A lot of outstanding people lived in our city. For example, Evgeny Martynov is a famous singer and composer.
Natalia: What is your favourite place in Bakhmut? Why?
Kyrylo: My favourite place is the Eternal flame monument.
Anastasiia: As for me, my favourite place in Bakhmut is the central square because there is an astonishing atmosphere, the scent of roses, the magnificent building of the cultural centre named after Evgeny Martynov. I am looking forward to walking around the square.
Natalia: Is Bakhmut worth living in? Why?
Anastasiia: I think that it is worth living in Bakhmut because it is the most beautiful, cozy and clean town.
Natalia: What would you like to change in Bakhmut?
Anastasiia: It would be fine to open more educational institutions and job vacancies
Natalia: What would you like to wish Bakhmut for its 450 anniversary?
Anastasiia: First of all, I would like to wish Bakhmut prosperity and successful development.

Sergiy, a pupil of the 5th form
I was born here. My family lives here. My granny always calls our town the pearl of the Donetsk region. I feel that is the real truth because it is the oldest historical and cultural centre of Donetsk Region.
It is located on the Bakhmutka River and its historical name is Bakhmut. It was founded in 1571 and known as Bakhmutska Storozha. Bakhmut Cossacks lived here and defended the saltworks from Tatar attack.

A lot of outstanding people were born here. Among them are a famous singer and composer Eugene Martynov, a prominent film director Larisa Shepitko. By the way, they went to my school.

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