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Artemivsk-Bakhmut Secondary school 7 - School life

Ukrainians celebrate Europe Day on the third Saturday of May with festivals, open-air parties and flash mobs.

Ukraine is a Europian country. We learn about culture of other Europian countries, read books, find out interesting facts about Europe.

The Euroclub "PARTNERSHIP" was created in our school. We are happy to be involved the European initiatives.

During autumn holidays we went on an excursion to Feldman Ecopark in Kharkov! How awesome it was!
Here you can see predators and herbivores, birds and reptiles. Park has more than 2000 species of animals: tigers, lions, monkeys, raccoons, ostriches, llamas, Scottish cows and a lot more interesting things. In the park, you can touch goats, pigs, chickens, ducks and other animals that will not harm you.
A couple of interesting facts about Feldman-Ecopark:
-The park is the only rehabilitation of bats in Ukraine.
-In the park there is a unique lake in which turtles live. If a person needs to move, and animals cannot be taken with him, then he can bring it to the ecopark. There are about a hundred turtles in the lake.
Yevheniia Dubyna

We like going on excursions, especially to our school museum
Earth Day in our school

We try to save our planet
Would you like to know who is the best student of the year?
Every year each class chooses its candidates to be The Student of The Year. Traditionally in spring the candidates present themselves and their hobbies. The winner will be announced at THE LAST BELL CEREMONY.

«Global Money Week»
We learnt how to save money

We are at the skating rink

New Year Party at school

Miracles on St. Nicholas Day
which is celebrated on 19 December in Ukraine

Shakespeare Day

On November 9th we celebrate
the Day of Ukrainian literacy and language

click here to see the pictures made by our pupils. We call Ukrainian language RIDNA MOVA ("a native language").
On this day millions of Ukrainians all over the world write the Ukrainian National Unity Dictation which starts at 11 o'clock on the radio
the Autumn Ball on Halloween Day

Our school celebrated its
80th anniversary
on 12th October.

This is our new school museum!


Nastia: Hi,Katia! How are you?
Katia: I'm fine, thanks. And you?
Nastia: I'm OK. Where did you spend you summer holidays?
Katia: I went to Odessa. We went on excursions. We swam in the sea.I took a lot of photoes. What did you do in summer?
Nastia:I went to the seaside with my mother and grandma. I went to the Azov Sea in June. Then I visited my grandparents in the village.
Katia: What did you do there?
Nastia:I helped my granny.I made new friends. I played outdoors with my friends. We had picnics, rode bikes, went rollerblading.I really
had a great time!

The last bell ceremony brings us joy, hopes,awards and suprises.
School is out for summer!
See you in September!
Welcome to our school camp!
Our summer camp
click here to visit our camp

This School Year is over!

The Last Bell Ceremony was held on May 30th.

Happy Vyshyvanka Day!
Vyshyvanka Day is celebrated on the third Thursday of May. It unites all Ukrainians over the world.
It is a flash mob holiday. This year on May 19 our students and teacher wore vyshyvankas to demonstrate our Ukrainian national unity and made this day bright.
Vyshyvanka is our Ukrainian genetic code.

Every year in spring the talent show “Our School’s Got Talent” is arranged.

On March, 9 we celebrate the birthday of the outstanding Ukrainian poet and artist Taras Shevchenko.

Taras Shevchenko was born on 9 March, 1814. There is a tradition to hold Shevchenko’s Week early in March. We usually organize festive events with reciting his immortal poetry. The most famous book of poems by Taras Shevchenko is “Kobzar”.

Happy Women's Day!

In Ukraine we celebrate Women's Day on March 8. Children make presents and greeting cards for their mothers, grannies and sisters. Men give flowers and gifts to women.

A lot of festive and interesting events are usually organized in our school. As a rule we have a concert. Our students prepared a plenty of pleasant surprises for teachers and school workers. They sang, danced and played comic sketches.

This year the contest was held between girls and teachers to choose what team is the smartest. There was a great deal of funny games. Both girls and teachers demonstrated their knowledge and showed their quick wits. The girls’ team won and got prizes!

From February 22nd, 2016 to
February 27th
the English Language Week

was held in our school.
All our students had the opportunity to show their knowledge and discover creative ability.
We sang English songs, watched films and cartoons in English, took part in various competitions and activities.

How exciting to be involved in the Quest Game!

In Ukraine we celebrate St. Nicholas Day on the 19th of December. On this day Saint Nicholas comes to our school with gifts for good children and birches for bad children.

This year Saint Nicholas brought us sweet gifts. His assistants played with our pupils, sang songs and drew. We had a lot of fun.

There is a tradition at our school to go to the cinema together during our holidays. On the 19th of October we went to the "PEREMOGA" cinema to see "THE WALK" in 3D on a big screen.

During our autumn holidays we visited the fire station.
The leader of the fire brigade told us about the job of firefighters.
We saw fire and rescue trucks and even tried on the firefighters' uniforms, their protective suits and helmets.

Hurrah for the holidays!

October 2nd,

Happy Teacher's Day!
Dear teachers,
We love and adore you!
You are the Best!

On September 21st we celebrate
the International Day of Peace.

This year our students made colourful chalk drawings on the pavement, sang beautiful songs about peace and Ukraine.
Children presented passers-by with white paper doves as symbols of love and peace.

On September 12th we celebrate
the Birthday of Bakhmut, our native town.

Our school always takes an active part in the celebration of the Town Day.
On September 1st Ukraine celebrates the Day of Knowledge!
This year the First Bell Ceremony is held under the slogan
"There is no End of Cossacks' Kin"
We are happy to meet our school friends. Our school looks wonderful!
Everybody is excited about the beginning of the new school year.
Summer holidays were fantastic, but school starts again and we are going to work hard this year.

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