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Artemivsk-Bakhmut Secondary school 7 - Teenagers' life in Ukraine

The life of Ukrainians is very interesting. Now in the modern world teens go to school, walk, play sports and travel. The capital of our country is the city of Kiev, it is large and prosperous.
There are also many cities where people like to travel. Every day, our students take part in various contests or competitions. And everyone makes progress. After school teens come home and cook dinner. The national Ukrainian dish is dumplings (we call them VARENYKY), but not every family cooks them. Ukrainians also study foreign languages, since traveling without knowledge of the language will be very difficult.

A hobby is an occupation that we never get tired of. Various hobbies help us to relax because we enjoy them . My first hobby is dancing . I began to dance at the age of five . I study at the Martynov Palace of Culture. I like to perform and I enjoy it . Therefore this is my hobby . My second hobby is needlework. When i weave something from beads I immerse myself in my world . Making jewelry helps me relax and think about important things . My favourite making is a bead cactus and "Yin Yang " tree . In conclusion, i would like to say that hobbies are very useful and interesting . People should have hobbies and enjoy life . I hope you will agree with me.
Anastasia, 13 years old.

Study is an essential part of Ukrainian teenagers. They spend a lot of time at school. After school teens go home to do homework. In their free time they like playing computer games, listening to music and chatting with friends. Also they enjoy to spend time outdoor. For example, teenagers like walking, cycling or skating. Many teens have their hobbies. Sport is one of the most popular hobbies among them. It makes us feel cheerful after a hard day at school. Also teenagers prefer other favorite activities, such as: drawing, cooking, dancing, singing and other.
I also like drawing a lot. I have been attending the Art school for 4 years. In the future I plan to become a famous artist.

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