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Grazelda lives in this castle

King Zion
The Pathway To Zorrow

Chapter One
King Zion was watching over the humans, at their every move. He looked at them, and he spotted a girl named Rebecca, a very decent name. She hated her life. It was normal, which she hated. She had what every normal girl had. A ordinary family and a best friend, but she wanted a life where she could run freely and ride on unicorns go on quests and adventures, meet strange and different creatures. Live in a ice palace and do all sorts of activities, to live a life! King Zion, looked at Rebecca more than the rest of the humans. Than his father Kilmanza realized he was watching humans and got angry. " Why are you watching humans?! They have no imagination at all! It's always facts written down on paper, things have to be proved. That's why the Dorlonds never gave them unicorns, or leaf men or any fairies, because they didn't treat them properly and they don't believe in fantasy! It is part of the rules that you don't watch over humans! So stop this instance!" Kilmanza yelled with rage. King Zion rememebered the Dorlonds, they were leaf men themselves, their faces green and their legs were plants that moved. The Dorlonds got all the unicorns and magical items, and they were incredibly rich! They gave each fantasy world a gift. They didn't like the humans because of the war between the Dorlonds and the humans. The humans wanted the unicorn's horns but the Dorlonds didn't want them to pull the unicorn's horns because they die because of the pain and they need their horns to survive. Kilmanza retold the ledgend of the war between the humans and the Dorlonds.

" The war between the humans and the Dorlonds was the most biggest and longest war of all time. It all started when the Dorlonds gave each world a gift. The Dorlonds gave the humans unicorns and leaf men. The humans didn't want the unicorns, but they heard that unicorn's horns where big sellers and would make them rich. So they started pulling the horns, but what they didn't know was that each horn they pulled from a unicorn, each unicorn dies. The horns are what keep them alive, what makes them walk and breathe. They all died. The Dorlonds got angry and so they took the unicorns away from them. The humans lost all the horns as well, so thats when they started to get angry. The got torches and burned the top of them, and they all marched with fire torches and started to burn everything down in the fantasy worlds, including Zorrow. It wasn't safe if you were a leaf man in the human world, because they would burn you and kill you and use you to make their food. So all the creatures in Zorrow teamed up with the Dorlonds and they started t oattack. It was a horrible and gory sight to see. Arrows flying, blood every where, dead bodies scrambled all over the floor. Everyone hated it, but it when on for 5000 years and then the Dorlonds tried to make peace, the humans pretended so they wouldn't get their own people dead. So they signed the scroll and they went off to their land and never came back again and they lived their own life. So they Dorlonds moved all the worlds apart from the human world, in the sky so they couldn't ever come and attack the worlds again. Zorrow took another 5000 years to rebuild and then everyone lived in peace, but they were worried something was going to happen again. " said Kilmanza. King Zion listened very closely to the ledgend. He knew Rebecca didn't care about facts and used her imagination alot secretly. King Zion knew she was a human but he also knew that she would love to live in a fantasy world so he tried his best to get him into the world but he had a big problem.

Chapter two
The only way a human could get in was the castle. In the castle lived a traitor. She was an evil Zorrower. She let evil humans in Zorrow, but nobody could defeat her she was the best socerer in the whole fantasy world. She put a spell on herself to protect her so nobody could hurt her or defeat her. There was a path from her castle, it was a cracked path so if you even stepped on the path you would be dragged under neath the path and turned into a statue. The evil socerer's name was Grazelda. Grazelda was frightening. So, if King Zion was to convince Grazelda to let Rebecca in, Rebecca had to be evil but he knew that Rebecca wouldn't even think about being evil to the Dorlonds or even the Zorrowers, his own people, but King Zion had a plan but that plan was going to be very difficult. He couldn't just sit there he had to do something so he did. The next day he had the courage do something he wouldn't even dream of doing. It was to tell Grazelda. He needed to tell her

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