Freedom Writers - Fairy Sisters

Renda the night fairy

Daze The Storm Fairy

Eve the Earth Fairy

Poison the Vampire Fairy

Crow the Eagle Fairy

The Setting is Mainly set in London
Fairy Sisters
Chapter One, When They were Young

When me Eva and Daze were young we would practice our magic skills in the garden. We would fly around with our wings flapping and we Eva would make little baby trees on the grass, and Daze would make it storm and rain so they trees grew and I would make it night and add a sparkly, glowing moon to make it look beautiful. We were sisters. The most closet sisters that ever existed. Well, we were. Until Poison seperated us. Our mother and father died and we lived in the manor house by ourselves. It was for sale but no- body bought it until Poison came. She brought it and we were forced to move out but we refused. She knew we were very close sisters and seperated us forever and if we ever walked past each other we wouldn't realize. So I live on the streets but I don't know what happened to my sisters and I will never know because of Poison. Poison is a vampire fairy. She sucks fairy's blood and me, Renda, and my sisters, were lucky to our blood didn't get sucked. I live in the under world ever since Poison came. I hate the unde world it stinks and it's underneath the human world. I neve dared go to the human world either. I wouldn't dare go to the human world, it's dangerous for fairies. Apparently, the children grab you and think were fairy dolls and they twist your neck and pull your legs and they brush your hair hard! I keep wondering where Daze and Eva are. I need to know they are safe. They're the only fairies I know now. The only fairies I knew since my mum and dad died. They are my only relatives I have. That's it! I need to look for my sisters. I can't sit here thinking about them can I? I need to find them. I might have to take a risk and go to the human world! Poison might of left them there and they couldn't come back to our home. I have tried my very best to go home myself but I just can't. Everytime I go to the fairy castle walls, they think I am a traitor and won't let me in so I had no choice but to go to the under world with, dirty creatures running around on their bruised, sick couloured feet prancing about. Sniffing for food and sniffing you and crawling up your legs. So, that's what I started to do. Plan a route to the human world.

Chapter Two, The Human World
I finally came up with an accurate plan. There was a tunnel that went straight up to the human World. Luckily, I still had my wand with me. I tapped and waved my wand and then the tunnel opened like a giant rock covering up a empty hole. Indeed, there was a rock. The rock was actually covering the tunnel. So I moved it and jumped in the black hole. I screamed, it was so deep it made me scared. I finally came down the tunnel at long last and I was in a busy street named London. I didn't know what London was until I heard a tour guide say welcome to London. It was incredibly busy. People were pushing me this way, and that way... I had to keep saying excuse me coming through... no body heard me of course. They didn't even notice me they just carried on running and walking. I wondered where my sisters would be. I knew I probably wouldn't know if they were my sisters, but I tried to keep thinking. I knew they weren't going to live in a lovely garden like me and my sisters used to live in but they had to be some where and I needed to find them. I was tired but I didn't give up on my sisters, they aren't worth giving up on. Eventually, I did give up and I sat down on a quiet corner of the street stressed. Then I looked to my right and I saw a fairy like me with blonde hair and a pink shade of hair waving about and then on my left I saw a fairy with a green, leafy costume. I didn't know who they were. They were fairies so I talked to them. "Er... Hello.." I mumbled under my voice. The fairy with the blonde hair didn't move, her eyes welled up, as if she knew that voice but she couldn't exactly rememeber who it was. " Hello.... My name is Daze..." She said under her breath herself. Daze... Daze... I've heard of that name before but where? The name reminds me of someone but not a thought about sisters crossed my mind. So I talked to the other fairy with black hair. " Hello.." I said. The same thing happened. The black -haired fairy noticed that voice from some where. I swear we know each other, but we just don't know who we are. Then a another fairy came but this fairy I have never met before, she was an older fairy then me. " Look! A fellow fairy! My lucky day! Hello! Nice to meet you my name is Crow!" The fairy said jubilantly.
" Hi my name is Renda! Nice to meet you too! This is Daze and er... I don't know what that fairy is called..."I said. "I know you three! Don't be stupid of course you know each other your sisters! The fairy with the black hair is Eva? Isn't it?"Crow said as if we were just silly baby fairies.

Chapter Three, Sisters Reunited
Then we remembered! We were sisters! I remebered Daze and Eva. We all hugged each other and thanked Crow for helping us. Crow, was the daughter of the queen and king of Blossom Gardens, where all the fairies lived and where we used to live. We could easily go back to Blossom Gardens because of Crow. She told the guards that we weren't traitors and we told her about Poison and how she seperated us and she had 20 years in the under world things were fine we were aloud to live in the manor house which we weren't aloud to livein because it was for sale but Crow was very nice and so she let us stay there and we became close friends with Crow. Things were fine we were like we used to be. Sisters for ever living our most wanted to dream. To stay and live in Manor house and to wonder in the lovely gardens of Blossom Gardens. I started to believe that nothing could ever go inbetween us sisters and we would be friends with Crow for as long as we ever live.

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