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Hello my name is Ryley .I am making a mini handbook on pokemon & sonic. I live in Slave Lake, Alberta. My Favorite pokemon is Umbreon. please read on.

This is my second favorite pokemon . It has 4 forms. Attack is up there. There is also speed,Attack and deffence.

This is Uxie. The knowledge pokemon . It is part of the lake trio. It is a psychic trio. There is also Azelf(AZZ-elf.)Last but not least Mesprit ( MESS-prit)

This is Regirock . He is a rock type. He knows ancient powers . He is made of rocks from Alberta, onterio And Nova scotia. Just kidding.

Here is my favorite pokemon.Umbreon. So I will put many details. It has poison sweat. My its best moves are moonlight and wish. It is also skinny . This is a shiny Umbreon.

Here is sonic . He has his own series. He has 2 super forms. Super sonic Darkspine sonic . he is my third favorite carcter. plese keep reading.

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