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Who is your favorite super hero? Mine is Iron man . This is the hulk buster suit. My favorite suits are Magnetick, bio and S.K.I.N.He beat hulk in hand to hand combat . Bio is dna powered. Skin is like flubber . Not liqud or solid. The magnetik suit is electro magnetick. He can regenareate very fast. He can even fly!!!!!!

Yesterday I got pokemon mystery dungon red rescscue team for gameboy.I got Treecko on the test .My partner is Cyndaquil.I am at level 10 . My partner is at level 12. I have 250 poke in the bank.I don't have any on hand. I have 20 items in storage.

I want to be a game deisgner .I will make games. Like super smash bros brawl.I will be rich. I will have a lot of money. I will make mix games. I will own a not haunted manshin. I will have 5 tvs. I will have yummy food. I will have a good life.
Have you heard of chaotic? You can play online. I have a few super rare cards. I have fortisimo. It is a rare mugic often on tv. I have a teagth toeborn. He is a overworld stratigest warrior. I want a heppetadd. A ultra rare card. He can cast mugic from any tribe. He has all the elements.I also have a super rare card called evaporize.

Back to iron man. He stars his own movie. He is very rich. He has more than 10000 $. It must not be hard to pay rent with that money.

the lesser slave lake bird observatory !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are going to go there soon. within 2 days. It has very few bills . Just becase ITS ALL NAUTRAL. I know they save water. I know they save wood. They save gas. But most of all. THEY SAVE MONEY.

I went to the boreal forest Friday .I went with Elise and friend Victoria . I got a new card game. .It is named Eco-force. You have to get points. I have a forest fire card . I get to go again next Friday . I will get a snowy owl plush . I will go with Keith . He wants somethiing. We will hike. I will read the signs. I will trip Keith . I will play games.
I will have fun.


Megaman leo is my new favorite super hero. He is coooooooooool.He is in the megaman series. It is a large series .He is strong. He is a star force . The others are dragon and pegasus .Those are mega megaman.
They have big bangs . Those are big blasts. Leos is atomic blast. It is a wave of fire. Dragon is elemental cyclone. It is a tornado.
I like Yu-gi-oh. My favorite character is Jesse Anderson. He has the crystal beasts.
I have 5 of 7. I have at least 100 cards. There is probably 5000 cards. It is a large system.I like rainbow dragon. It has 4000 atk. It has 0 Defence . There is yu gi in lots of places. It is a yugi oh world. There is than more 1000000 million people who play. It is very popular.Keith even likes it. He is my fussy little bro.

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