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+Yes I Changed my favorite super hero. He is the "legendary Resistance hero. He is Zero. He has a light saber. He has his own biomental. You can morph with those. His biomental(Z) is owned by a shipping person. He actulaly has 3 biomentals. Those are Z,O,and ZX. WHY IS HE SO POPULAR!? He is the centre of attenion. He is mostly red. He is a EXTREMELY long haired blond. He is a learning guy. He learns lots of moves. Overall he is the best. Why you may certainly ask? He has a EXTREMELY large arsenal. He has 7 weapons. He has two bodys. Anyway his weapons are Z-sowrd. Thats a light saber. Then the gun. Here is a great one, Z-nuckle. That is a punch. But thats not the thing. He can snatch and steal weapons too.

I hope you know that Zero makes a giant cameo in megaman ZX. I want that game because of biometal ZX. It is cool . It is a very poplular. It is in the title. I want the second version(Advent.) I will try and get model ZX. It takes lots of features from Zero. I will let you see it( above^.) It has a light saber. It has a gun. I think you should check out this on google : Megaman zx vent video.

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