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Touch Pets Cats App - Cool outfits!

Buzzy Bee Costume
Black and yellow striped shirt + bee headband + yellow collar
To make this a SASSY look, add some sunglasses.
Ladybug Costume
Ladybug red and black spots shirt + red bow + red collar
To make this sassy, add sunglasses
Note! You need to complete several missions for this!
Policeman shirt + police hat + sunglasses (to make it look bossy and cool)
Sherlock Holmes
Note! You need to complete several missions for this!
Detective shirt + detective hat + round glasses (optional)
All Green
This would look great if your cat has green eyes
Green bow (or green alien hat from mission) + green bodysuit (or any green shirt) + green collar + green star pendant (from mission)
Party Geek
Square glasses + yellow/blue party hat + yellow/blue collar + any shirt or bodysuit that matches
Cool! (Looks like a biker)
Red and black bodysuit + red collar + sunglasses + red bow (if it's a girl) + green star pendant from mission/pink paw pendant (optional)

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