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Touch Pets Cats App - Tips and tricks

To get a lot of coins, here are some tips:

When you go to sleep, have a "Coin Quest" on ALL your furniture. It takes a lot of time, so that's why you have to do it when you go to sleep. When you wake up, brush teeth, and have breakfast, you'll have a bunch of coins.

Get A LOT of furniture. Furniture is what you get coins from, so more furniture = more coins.

When you play, think about how long you'll be playing. If you'll be playing for 30 min., make half of your furniture "find coins" for 30 minutes. Make half of the rest 5 min., and the other half 45 sec. When the search is over keep doing more until the biggest one expires.

But remember, don't play for like 6 hours just to get more coins. You can have two 3 hour searches and check back after 3 hours.
💗How to build up a friendship💗

Did you keep begging your BFF to download this app and now that she/he did, you have no idea how to make your cats BFFs too? Here are some tips for FRIENDSHIP:

Have lots of playdates. On your first one, make it long (as long as you play the game)
Make sure your cat is in a good mood and so is your friend's cat
If they AREN'T, take care of them both. They can get jealous of how much petting or grooming the other one has gotten.
If your/their cat doesn't like the shirt the other one is wearing or think they need a bath, it helps to change their clothes or groom the cats.
After they ARE friends, don't forget about that! Make sure to have as much playdates as you did before. That way your cats will be great friends.

💗How to build up a romance💗

If your friend has a cat that's a girl and you have a cat that's a boy or the other way around they can also start a romance. It's not anything inappropriate, just 2 cats that like to be around each other. Like little kitty love. 💗💗💗 Here are some tips on how to start a ROMANCE:

When you first got the cat at the shelter, did you or your friend notice something like "likes Persians" or "likes other breeds" or something like that? If it matches (EXAMPLE: you have a persian that likes short hairs and your friend has a short hair that likes other breeds), then the relationship will be stronger and longer.
If you forgot to look at that, it's OKAY! It's just a bit harder to build a romance between 2 non-matching cats, but IT IS possible. It's just longer.
Just like with friendship, make sure their moods are good and don't make them jealous by petting one and not the other.
Don't ignore the messages at the bottom right corner. They say if it's working out or not. If it says "*cat's name* feels like she/he has enough romance" then I suggest you try with another cat, but if you have A LOT of play dates, it might work.
If at the bottom right corner it says "*cat's name* has a crush on *other cat's name* then in a couple of minutes, they might be in love. Unless you have to go (if you do, just finish it tomorrow. A game is no reason to get in an argument with your parents), don't exit out or go out of your cat's house, until they DO fall in love.
Have lots of playdates and dates! If you don't, your cats will grow apart! Just like in friendship, make the first one longer than the others.
Don't be sad if it doesn't work out! Not all cats are ready for a relationship.
To be sure that they are in a romance, go to the needs bar, and look at the romance bar at the very end. If it's filled up, then your cats have found their missing puzzle piece!
Building romances takes a long time, so be patient.

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