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Touch Pets Cats App - Introduction

Sadly, very, very sadly, this app is discontinued. You cannot download it anymore and you are no longer able to play it, even if it is already downloaded. :(
Touch Pets Cats App
Touch Pets Cats is a free app for your iPhone/iTouch or iPad.
If you like cats, this is for you!
You need to make an account to play, but it just asks for a login and password.
The game is by "plus+"
In this game, you take care of up to 6 cats (max 2 at a time). There are lots of breeds such as: Persian, Siamese, Short Hair, Tabby, or Blue Russian. You collect coins from making them happy, going on missions, and mainly from having coin hunts in your furniture. You buy their food, brushes, toys, clothes, and furniture with coins. You can also adopt other cats with coins. You can add friends and make friends with their cats. Your cats will develop relationships (EXAMPLE: *cat's name* is great friends with *other cat's name*). When you have coin hunts, you also find some mission items. When you go on missions, you help save or rescue someone/something. For that, you get coins, and prizes, such as an unlimited food bowl that never ends, or pieces of clothing. You can go on missions with your friend's cat if they accept your invitation. You can dress your cats with adorable, funny, or handsome clothing and decorate their houses the way you want. Some things are nearly free, but others take some saving up. However you play this game, it's super fun!
Why You Should Get It

It's free!
You have to take care of cats - teaches responsibility
If you're planning to adopt a cat, this is a great view of how some things are going to be
Cats are AWESOME!
Variety of breeds and personalities
You'll have so much fun picking out each kitty's PURRRFECT clothes
Organize your furniture and make your house modern, fashionable, old-school, nerdy, girly, manly, etc.
Earn money and save up to buy the best of all
Always wanted a cat, but you're allergic? Also works!
Play with your friends (My BFF and I talked about this for an hour)
Make friends and romances with other cats
Adopt up to 6 CATS!!! Play with 2 at a time!
Just 'cause. It's fun!
I am writing a book called Fangtastic.
Its reference number is 45158
Please check it out!

Fangtastic - my vampire book
By Crazy Yellow Vampire

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